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So as I was walking to the Vietnam Kitchen at 1 Utama new wing from MPH bookstore. Something new caught my eye, it was the new and shiny banner of Dragon-i restaurant. It displayed something like “He has arrived! We have waited for 10 years!”, and “Gunniess book of records.” I remembered seeing that on Kimberly’s post, hence I told myself I would check that place out, that was a few months ago.

Nice setting with pretty good interior decoration.

The restaurant name in Mandarin is “Long de Chuan Ren”, which means the people of dragon, but they’ve put a spin to it and instead of the “Long” of dragon, they used to “Long” of “Siu Long Pau”, which literally means pau in a small basket. The restaurant’s speciality as advertised is siu long pau and their ramen.

One thing that this place definately get a vote from me was their menu. Every single item is accompanied with a photo and some description of the dish. It helps alot to decipher what some of these dishes come with.

are you hungry?

We ordered the ramen soup with ribs (since the picture they shown on the menu was the largest..), a bamboo shoot side dish, a fried ramen entry, and a dessert.

The ramen soup was pretty good, the ramen itself quite fine and very smooth. The soup doesn’t carry very strong taste but gives a subtle hint of aroma, which was nice and didn’t feel like those that are overly laden with MSG. The ribs would have been perfect had it been a bit more fatty, but that’s just my taste. Maybe these days people are slightly more health concious? *gasp*

The bamboo shoot side dish was pretty decent, though looks abit like eating centipede carcases. The sauce was a little bit too sweet though, but the texture was very nice. As for the fried ramen, my dinner partner of the evening was not able to finish it, claiming that it’s a bit too oily. I tasted the dish, it wasn’t bad, however it was too oily even for me, and didn’t really impress my taste bud one way or the other.

As for the dessert, it was as if they tried too hard. Either that, or because we were the late customers, we got it filled with too much fungus and longans and all those ingredients, but not nearly enough liquid to let those little things swim in. It ended up overly sweet and didn’t do a particularly excellent job as far as thirst quenching goes.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent place with a very nice atmosphere with pretty reasonable price (the meal was some RM40 or so if I remember correctly). Perhaps I’ll have to try their siu long pau next time, avoid the fried ramen.

It is situated in 1-Utama, new wing, next to Vietmanese Kitchen that’s on 3rd 2nd floor by MPH bookstore.

GPS: 3.150050, 101.615939

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  1. I don’t know how to get to 1 Utama, or the 2nd floor even. Can we get a n00b map?

  2. aw: take the taxi, and then ask the guard, noob. hehehe

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  5. had a bad dining experience at dragon-i, where hygiene is concerned, and the staff’s attitude.

    it’s somewhere in my blog la…search for dragon-i (what else?)


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