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1996 Dodge Stealth RT/TT

In late 2001 to 2003, I had the privilege of owning one of the finest Japanese sports cars produced in the nineties. The Dodge Stealth RT/TT is just a rebranded version of the more widely known Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4, or as it is called in some other countries, the GTO twin turbo version.

Some quick specs:

  • Engine: 6G72 3.0 DOHC twin turbo
  • Compression: 8.0 to 1
  • Drive train: AWD with rear LSD
  • Turbo Boost: 1.0 bar
  • Power: 320 HP @ 6000 rpm
  • Torque: 315 lb/ft @ 2500 rpm
  • Transmission: 6 speed Getrag close ratio
  • Tyres: 245/40 ZR 18
  • 0-100 km/h: 5.5s
  • 1/4 mile: 13.6s

1996 Dodge Stealth RT/TT

The Stealth I had was basically completely stock, down to the original air filter and the quad-exhaust. I had intended to do a stage one upgrade to get a few extra horses, but due to unforseen circumstances, the plan went up the air and I decided to come back to Malaysia instead. An open pod K&N filter, after market exhaust, and a boost controller will easily push the power output to the 360+ level.

1996 Dodge Stealth RT/TT

Many had thought that the Stealth/GTO/3000GT is a sports car, but Mitsubishi had designed a touring car instead. In fact, GTO stands for “Gran Tourismo Omologato”, which basically means Grand Touring class production vehicle. True to it’s spirit, the car is excellent at sustaining high speed travel. I have taken her through long journey, from Cincinnati to Chicago, and to Washington DC metro area. Each way was over 1200 km, and the vehicle takes it gracefully.

1996 Dodge Stealth RT/TT

The interior of the car sports full leather seats for the driver and the shot gun, they are rather spacious and comfortable, while back seats are only fit for kids. The driver seat is also fully powered, you can adjust it’s height, tightness and firmness electronically.

The cockpit displays the speedo meter with 180 mph as the limit. I’ve personally only tested her to around 145 mph before my balls shrunk (don’t ask.) Rev limit stood at 7000 rpm with the ECU rev cut at 7,300 rpm. There’s also the standard water temperature, fuel gauge, oil temperature, batter meter, and boost indicator. Climate control and cruise control comes standard, and it includes a 6 speakers Infinity head unit with 6-CD changer too.

1996 Dodge Stealth RT/TT

Speed when I needed it, comfort for long distance, with an aggresive look that is the pinnacle of the Japanese sports car era in the 90s. It was truely a sweet ride.

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Discuss : My 1996 Dodge Stealth RT/TT

  1. wah, nice!

  2. foodcrazee

    now ? Accord ?

  3. er, now MR2

  4. Nice and clean! You must have waxed it every now and then?

    1) Did you ever have to rebuild the turbo? Any reliability issues while you owned it?

    2) This interior pic reminds me of HIGH the hand brakes went! Same thing in the 3000GT and Mitsubishi Eclopse/Eagle Talon! πŸ™‚

    3) Any of your friends unfortunate enough to sit in the back? Ahahahaha! I had to sit back there once. Ouch.

    Cool car.

  5. BTW if I remember correctly, these were designated “R/T”.

  6. aw: There was RT, and there was the RT/TT, RT is much like the 3000GT SL, while RT/TT is the twin of 3000GT VR4, the twin turbo version.

    I never had to do anything major to the car other than regular maintenance. Yah, the handbrakes are high.

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  8. Nice pictures; clean car. The 96s were veeery low production — cool to find someone who had one. What made you sell it?

    Also, very nice site. Well designed and laid out plus interesting information — not just drivel.

  9. Are you selling it, or would you sell it?

  10. Stephen,
    I sold it a few years ago. πŸ™‚

  11. If this is a 96, than why the flat spoiler? 96 spoiler is different and has a lip on it.

  12. DJ,

    My registration card said 96..

    Look on that site and see if you vin # is on there. I personally own a 1996 firstorm red Stealth TT and my vin is listed as car #36 out of the only 57 TT’s made that year. Im only telling you this because from what i can see in your picture, you do not have a 96, you have a 95. Check out your vin # and see if its on there. It would be wierd if it was because ive never heard of anybody replacing their 96 spoiler for a flat 95 or earlier boomarang.

  14. hey that’s a nice car i have a 93′ dodge stealth DOHC but it’s not awd or aws but my dad blew the engine so it’s not running right now…..but me and him are swapping a 3k gt engine for it so yea if you have any tips then E-mail me alright l8r on man….

  15. Zach,

    The aws & awd are only available on the RT/TT trim. πŸ™‚

  16. Do you want to sell it? e-mail me at

  17. Nevermind, I see that it is sold.

  18. ????????????????

    Im getting a 92 black stealth rt/tt and im wondering if i have a chance against a stock mustang gt or a dodge charger r/t? im only sixteen so the insurance will be high but i love the cars and i have to have the fastest car in the whole high school πŸ™‚

  19. 91-93 was 6g72 and 93-96 was 6g74, so your engine had to be 6g74.

  20. Do you realize just how rare this car is. It is only 1 of 57 cars made that year. HOLD on to this baby. I think there were only 20 made in red.

  21. after seeing this car I thought I better send you this so you know what you have. Have fun taking a look at this here website:

  22. Dejan Jancevski

    Well, I have a 1992 Dodge Stealth R/T with the dark gray leather interior, AM/FM/CD/Cassette players, and an automatic trans. Oh, and it iss in the Firestorm Red color.

    Anyhow, to that individual that is buying the 1992 R/T Twin Turbo, let me provide you with some info. My 1992 R/T (aka non-turbo) has kept up with (and, in some cases, beaten) Mustangs and Cameros. It has the capability to keep up with pre-1994 Corvettes, pre-1996 Mustangs and Cameros. Actually, I recently raced a 2007 Mustang, and though it was close, I did edge him out…but then we both split the second we saw red and blue flashing lights in our rear view mirrors.

    So, if my R/T is that fast, then a twin turbo version should have virtually no problem laying the smack down on any Mustang (and Mustang Cobra) owner, and most of your Camero and Corvette (pre-Z06 package that is) owners. Of course, that assumes you’re at least as proficient at driving a manual transmission as your opposing driver is. After all, if you put a great driver in a lowly Dodge Stealth ES up against an ok driver in a Viper, the Stealth driver will win those races 9 times out of 10 (if not all 10 out of 10).

    So, remember, your car is only as good as how well you can drive it. My advice: practice, practice, practice. And if you want to keep your car for any significant time, baby it and DO NOT RACE IT TO DEATH!

    Hope that helps.

  23. im getting ready to buy a 96 rt/tt its bad ass they are very nice cars

  24. I presently own a 1992 Dodge stealth RT, and I am experienceing a hesitation in power so I am afraid my engine is going πŸ™

    its only got 170k on it so thats not so bad.

  25. hey i have a 1992 dodge stealth body is good shap it is red dohc lether interior power everything no title looking to just get rid of it my number 970-819-5915

  26. hello, i’m from Argentina. Have mitsubishi 3000 gt vr4 twin trubo 320 hp. what difference ??

  27. I am looking to buy a 1996 RT/TT anyone know of any up for sale?
    e mail me at ……

  28. A beauty. I am in the market to purchase a 1996 TT would you by chance know if there is any up for grabs?

  29. i have a 1992 dodge stelth red twin turbo awd 4-wheel steer black lether 5 spd hot car FOR SALE 4500



  32. Own a 92 Stealth since 1992…….blown 2 engines, on my third….engine computer on my third………lot’s of trouble, brakes worn too fast, transmission stuck (no third gear), brake lines rusted out, power steering gone, seats are ripped, no room in da back, paint has faded, engine hood lift pistons stopped working, speakers blown……but man, does the chicks love gettin’ banged in the front seat…….woooooooo whoooooooo !!

  33. they did not make twin turbos in 96 only turbo’s with 320 hp

  34. Hi Mitch,

    Not to be hard on you, but your WRONG! You need to read up. 1996 was the last year for the Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo. I had the privilege to own a 1996 TT for a while. Fyi, Mitsubishi continued to make the 3000GT Twin Turbo up ’til 1999. Which was the same car under the body…

    Beautiful car pictured above!

  35. chris wattson

    hey i have a 91 dodge stealth. red and i dont know anything about these things. it has 110.000 miles on it. i just want some facts on it like how many where made in red that year and stuff like that so when someone asks about it i can look smart lol and not like a dork cause i dont know my stuff aahah you can reach me by email. k thank you

  36. Kelsey Cleary

    hey my boyfriends looking for a car like this so if u could write to my email and tell the price

  37. Nice car, but unless you swapped the interior for cream instead of tan, the spoiler and painted your roof black vs the factory red, this is a 1995, not a 1996.

  38. Amanda

    My boyfriend and I have a ’96 Mitsubishi 3000gt, very nice car! Im not sure if the stealth and 3000gt were the same for this year, but our spoiler is flat as well so I don’t know what you guys are saying about it being a ’95 instead of a ’96…

  39. Let me start off by saying I know entirely too much about these cars, lol. I have owned 8 3/S’s (3000GT/Stealth) 5 of which were Stealths and the other 3 were/are 3000GT’s.

    With that said, there are a few things that need to be cleared up here.

    1.) To the owner: this is not a ’96 R/T TT, for the following reasons:
    -’96 had a larger lip on the rear spoiler
    -’96 had a body color roof w/removeable glass roof
    -’96 had black dash and interior panels, not charcoal
    -the light beige color interior you have was only available until ’95, ’96 went to tan or black, thats it

    2.)To Mitch:
    You are extremely incorrect, these cars only came Twin Turbo or non-turbo, there was never a single turbo factory option.

    On a side note, it is possible that your car was a ’95 “re-badged” by Chrysler to say ’96 on the registration. There is some evidence that they did this, if thats the case then yours would not show up in the true ’96 production numbers. The only way to tell if that is the case would be to look at the actual production date on the door.

  40. Oh and also,

    Amanda, the Stealth and 3000GT are the same car aside from body kit, which includes spoiler. The 3000GT had a flat spoiler from 91-96, hoop spoiler from 97-98, and either a hoop spoiler (non-turbo) or a larger “combat wing” (turbo) in 99. Where as the Stealth always had the infamous “banana wing” from 91-96, only difference being that in ’96 it was re-designed with a larger lip.

  41. My friend John has a 2009 Viper convertible. I don’t know much about cars, but I do know that this Stealth looks like a Model-T, compared to John’s Viper. Almost like grandma’s car. I realize you all have a thing for this particular model, but personally I think it’s way out dated & a throw away car to boot. Definitely doesn’t hold it’s value. And certainly not like a Mustang or Vette.

  42. To mm8844:

    You certainly don’t know anything about cars. As of 2010, the oldest 3000gt/Stealth is 19 years old, and the newest Stealth is 14 years old. To compare a 15-20 year old platform to a 2009 platform that costs 3 times as much shows how ignorant you are. Junk? Lets play fair. Go look up a 1992 or 1995 viper of the same era. They can be had for less than 20k and under which is close to the value of a true 96 Stealth, yet the viper was twice the price originally. So the Viper holds its value even less than the Stealth. Additionally, while I’m not calling Mitsubishi’s build quality the best for this era, it was certainly better than 1st gen vipers which was horrible. If you’ve owned one or know the Vipers history, you’d know what I’m talking about. This particular Stealth shown above is obviously a 95, but still a nice car at that. To further your argument, you brought up the vette and mustang? LOL, the 80’s and early to mid 90’s were arguably the worst, tackiest and ugliest models for the vette and the mustang, as well as having poor mechanics & quoted “junky construction”. The only thing worse for the boxy, underpowered 3rd gen mustang of the 80’s and early 90’s (actually 1979-93) was the 1974-78 era were it was essentially the Ford Pinto. Your friend has this, your friend that. Tell me something, what do you drive? If a Twin Turbo Stealth is a grandmas car then that puts 80% of the cars in today’s market a cracker jack box car. In your case, I guess ignorance is bliss.

  43. God am I glad somebody finally agreed with me that this isn’t a 96.

    I’ve owned 2 authentic 96 TT’s and am also completely obsessed with the platform so I as well get very critical when people don’t pay attention to detail or post false information.

    My 2 cents lol.

    Peace to you all.


    • DJ: yeah, i recently started playing gran turismo on ps3 and the 3000GT is the first car i bought in the game. lol

  44. I bought a brand new 1992 Dodge Stealth DOHC R/T Firestorm Red off the display floor of the dealership in November 1991 and have been driving that car mostly to work and around town for fun. I had to rebuild the engine in 1998 when the oil pump somehow got clogged up and ruined one of the pistons. It has 78K miles on it and has so far needed the Main Computer, ECS unit, and radio replaced. Last week the climate control display unit in center dashboard suddenly went out and I think I need a new one or have it removed and repaired somewhere. Does any of you know of a good used unit or how to have it repaired? Please send me a note at Thanks!

  45. Andreew nalikka

    I would rather drive my Subaru svx…it’s sexier and heavier thean that dodge..American cars are quite cheap when it comes to materials being used

  46. Wow. Some real idiots here. I love the 3s! To the retard that said from 93-96 the car had a 6g74 engine, you are truly the epitome of a fucktard. 6g74 was a 3.5 litter used in montero etc… Been a few guys mod their 3s by swapping this engine in but it wasn’t a factory issued motor in the 3s.

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