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Proton Satria R3 with SSO Body Kit

At just inside the main gate of Sepang Circuit during the A1 GP inaugural race parked the Proton SSO Satria R3. The car wore the similar color as those running for A1 GP Proton Pro Celebrity Race, with the extra carbon fiber hood. I was there for the A1 GP practice session

The satria is equipped with Yokohama A048 semi slick and has the back seat and panel stripped to reduce weight. Standard seats were swapped with bucket seats and 5 point harness. That was whatever I was able to observed. I believe engine wise there aren’t much that they tinkled with, but I could be wrong.

Proton Satria R3 with SSO Body Kit

Proton Satria R3 with SSO Body Kit
Rear view, with the illustrious Paul Tan at the background.

Proton Satria R3 with SSO Body Kit
You can see that the back seats are gone

Proton Satria R3 with SSO Body Kit

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  1. I like the carbon fiber bonnet !!! this car very the CHUN !!!!!11oneonesatu

  2. I love this car! Damn it! I want one!

  3. Hello,

    I would like to buy a bodykit like this satria. Where can i buy this ?

    I thank you verry much,and keep up the good work


    KY: not entirely sure on where you can get this SSO kit, perhaps you can try to ask around at the forums such as or Good luck

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