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My Rides

November 18, 2005 8 Comments

As a first post, let me introduce my current and previous rides.

89 Honda Accord

My 1989 Honda Accord, never failed me. I had once took the old horse to an almost 5,000 KM road trip in a week’s time.

1994 Ford Probe

Bought the 1994 Ford Probe (with the 2.0 Mazda MX6 engine) after I banged the 89 Accord. It was in pretty bad condition and I sold it less than a year later after I got the Dodge Stealth RT/TT.

1996 Dodge Stealth RT/TT

The 1996 Dodge Stealth RT/TT is still the best ride I had. It is actually a second generation Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 in disguise. Outside of US, the car is known as the Mitsubishi GTO. With 3.0 twin turbo engine (6G72) that churns out 320 horsepower, it was truely a joy ride while it lasted. I had to sell the car after losing my job in the Cincinnati.

1993 Honda Accord

The last car I drove in US before coming back to Malaysia was the 1993 Honda Accord that I bought for US $2000. I did some work on the car, changed spark plugs and the wires, and a thermostat. Sold the car for the exact amount of money I bought it for before coming back to Malaysia.

my current ride, Toyota MR2 SW20

My current ride, a Toyota MR2 SW20 with 3S-GTE . Needs a paint job..

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  1. It’s time to respray and beef up your car!

  2. Welcome you Newly made BLOG KY!!!

    YAU MOU GAU…CHOR!!! Where are the Chicks!!!

  3. SEE FU,

    chicks still at kyspeaks blog. hehehe. this is for cars instead.

  4. Damn wtf is dat junk with the balloon tires? Give it some decent shoes lar wei.

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  6. matthew Sampley

    i need car 700

  7. matthew Sampley

    HI how are u? i want know how much 89 honda accord

  8. i got a gold 89 honda accord too, love it!!

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