Here’s another installment of the hugely popular pimp series. Please welcome yet another blogger, Eliza from suemefordreaming. She’s still doing her taboo exams and will be free for taking on dates in less than 2 week’s time, so lets find the lady a candidate, shall we? Here are the previous KY Pimps entries.

Eliza of suemefordreaming
Name: Eliza
Age: almost legal, be patient
Weight: average size with good packages
Height: petite size
Speciality: camwhoring and blogging
X factor: comical relief on her blog and bryanboy imitation

This is a young cute lady who is a great entertainer, self proclaimed possible next big thing after dawn yang. Just look at her hardcore dancing video as posted on rojaks, this is at least at equal par with the famous paul tan videos.

Hope over to her blog to get to know her more, and see for yourself that this is truely a great discovery. Don’t lose out!

Eliza of suemefordreaming
unlike some probloggers, these pictures are original. so cuteeee

To date her:
Get in line and let the bidding starts, of course, proceed goes to charity that Peter Tan specifies. No more hair for hospice though, but maybe pimp for hospice? Bid it!

KY Pimps – Eliza of suemefordreaming

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