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Everyone knows about Char Kuih Teow and Hokkien mee in Penang, but do you know that you can find one of the best road side roti canai place on the little island too? Hungry stomachs seeking something other than Chinese food in Penang rejoice, as a bonus, it’s Halal mamak food, too.

penang transfer road roti canai
just look at the curry beef!

The stall is located at Transfer Road a stone’s throw away from the Chulia Street junction, in the heart of Georgetown, Penang. The must-try item is not exactly the roti canai itself, but the curry beef that is the side order for the roti canai. The meat is absolutely tender and never over cooked, it tastes sweet and juicy. I had the beef with roti telur and a glass of teh ais for breakfast, and everything came to less than RM 4, if I remember correctly.

penang transfer road roti canai
the patented KY’s map

If you are in Penang looking for something different, or something halal, do try this out!

Jalan Transfer, Penang
GPS: 5.420884, 100.330694

Discuss : KY eats – Best Penang Roti Canai at Transfer Road

  1. Lynn Wong

    i will go to try out the best roti canai at transfer one of my favourate food!! heheh …thanks

    recomend you the best hokkien mee in penang, you can add prawn and other ingridients such as eggs, heh ko and so on.. i got this best hockkien mee from this website:

    it have all the address and map how to go.. give comments after u have tried!!

  2. Lynn,

    I agree that the hokkien mee you recommend is one of the bests. I had it myself when I was there last year and blogged about it at


  3. sang_buragas

    serius sedap!!!i orang penang & slalu jugak makan kat situ. tp makan masa panas + daging mmg terangkat!!!

  4. sang_buragas,
    Yeah, memang bes!

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