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Thanks to Mack from Brand Malaysia for the hosting. I am proud to present you the original 3gp files of Paul Tan dancing to you, unedited and uncensored. If you can’t play these files, please get the Apple Quicktime player here. You might want to right click to save it to your disk before playing.

1st video
what happened: Paul danced abit and then Xaviera camwhored.

2nd video
what happened: Paul busy wiping the counter, I think he spilled some drinks. Xaviera was kind enough to show us what went down Paul’s throught. Vodka+ Orange Juice.. yumm..

3rd video
what happened: Paul dancing mindlessly, had more exercise than the past 4 years combined.

Now that we have the unjerky edition of video, dare you still say it’s a stunt double, Paul?


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