Well we had a great time on friday night. Partied at Qbar (not Cuba) with a bunch of noobs including ST, Kim, FA, fox, Xaviera, Kerol, Terence, Paul, and a few other friends. The highlight of the night was, PAUL DANCED.

Paul Tan was drunk
Paul wasn’t exactly sober.. and then he discovered we have the video

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a video, man, that’s court room evidence. Now let me bring you the first exclusive video (thanks to fox) of Paul dancing silly in the club. It was all great, some energy was definately sourced from FA’s fantastic moves (sorry no video for that) and the big dude got more exercise last night than the last 4 years combined.

Video link – Paul Tan Dancing Queen

Party at Q bar with Paul, Kim, ST, FA
more incriminating photos

Clockwise from top left: Screw Driver. ST, FA, and Xaviera. fox shaking his head, and finally Kim trying out her best model shot.

It was a great night, music was a bit tad loud. Ringing sensation (goddamn tinnitus perhaps) in the ears. A pair of ear plugs might help. Parking was only RM 2, can you even believe it? No KL traffic to contend with. And when you have these crowd, you’re all set.

Join us next time ya!

KY party – Paul Can Dance!

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