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This is what happened when you park your car without pulling the hand brake, and especially if your car is parked near a slope that is next to a huge monsoon drain..

Kelisa fell down into the drain
eye witness accounts and squashed grass confirmed the path

Account of the incident:
(as reported by an anonymous source from the neighbourhood)

  • a couple parked the car and happily took the LRT to work
  • forgot the hand brake, most probably
  • at about 1pm, the car slowly slide down the drawn path
  • owner discovered the incident after work
  • tow truck came but had no idea what to do, a crane is needed
  • everyone gathered around and tried to look for the number plate after dinner
  • btw, a dude said it’s 2034

Kelisa fell down into the drain
Kerol and Horny being busy-bodies

So, ladies and gentlemen, PULL YOUR HAND BRAKES


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