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So i stumbled upon this little restaurant at Low Yat plaza offering Okonomiyaki. Now I had no idea wtf it is, but the pictures sure looks good, my stomach was conducting a concert and I’m not puasa, so we decided to have a meal there.

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake kinda stuff, with various ingredients in it. Main stuffing seems to be noodle, onions, and vege, then you get all the other good stuff such as prawn, beef, pork, squid, salmon, and more. Read more at wikipedia’s okonomiyaki entry.

Okonomiyaki at Low Yat Plaza
they cook it right in front of you

We ordered the “Supreme set” that is good enough for 2 hungry stomachs, the stuffing were prawn, bacon, and squid. The set meal is divided into 2 parts, one okonomiyaki, and another udon omlete kinda stuff. The udon omlete is served like “nasi pataya” style, egg wrapped around udon with some bacon in it, topped with some okinomiyaki sauce that tastes pretty much like oyster sauce. A plate of kimchi came with it too, don’t ask me why.

Okonomiyaki at Low Yat Plaza
these stuff looks great, don’t you agree? drooling yet?

The taste of okonomiyaki is pretty decent, tho not the greatest of things I have eaten. If you are a noodle lover, you will for sure love this thing. The taste may come across a little blunt too, but there’s nothing some extra okonomiyaki sauce won’t help. Give it a try and decide for yourself if you think it’s good. There are several choices to choose from, like salmon, pork, and even cheese. The price was less than RM 40 for two, pretty reasonable.

GPS: 3.144223, 101.709688

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