Following the first puasa trial last week, I decided to do it again since there was this free buffet dinner sponsored by a particular company. The buka puasa (break fast, no, not breakfast) place is at Saloma Theater Restaurant at Ampang, near KLCC, and right next to Zouk.

Saloma Bistro at Ampang buka puasa
very nice, high class setting

We arrived there about 6:45pm and there were already hundreds of people there. There was a stage, with some local boyband trying to entertain the crowd best as they can with their dry throats. My colleague Moorthy and I were the two non-muslims in our group, and I spotted maybe a handful of other potential non-muslims. We were definately the minority representing perhaps 2% of the crowd, but were treated the same like everyone else. Well, I did puasa for the day too though, had my instant noodle at 5 am.

The buffet line is huge, the offering includes chicken, lamb, beef, fish, prawns, various malay kuih, ice kacang, otak-otak, satey, rice, briyani rice, teh ice, soya milk, syrup ice, and more. As suggested by delia, I started out with dates and cold soya milk.. well, since they didn’t have those wholesome ones that came out of the cow’s multiple breasts. I then proceeded with fried chicken wings, cucuk udang (fried shrimp cake), rice with beef rendang, raw vegetable, crab, eggplant, okra, and some raw vege with sambal.

buka puasa at Saloma Bistro, Ampang
my stomach was very very full…

Since they practically serve all Malay food imaginable, gluttony was unescapable. We ended up sitting there to rest for another hour after the meal just so we can manage to move our limbs in a coordinated way that resembles the bipedal walk. The food was good, but somehow a little bit more salt or soya sauce would make it just perfect.

Jack0 puasa on monday, and Bryan said he was doing it too. Best.

P/S: Please invite me to your Hari Raya open house. hehe.

Saloma Theatre Restaurant
139, Pusat Pelancongan Malaysia (MaTiC)
Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.157410, 101.707145
Tel: 03-2161 0122
KY eats – Buka Puasa dinner at Saloma Bistro
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