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Takoyaki, or Octopus Balls, but not Octopus’ Balls, is a Japanese delicacy made with chopped octopus, cabbage, green onion and pickled ginger all wrapped a flour and egg shell. There are also some Japanese named ingredients that I had no clue. You can find a sample of recepi here, though it’ll be hard to cook it at home since you’ll need the mold.

Takoyaki at SS15 Asia Cafe
Topped with mayonese, yummm

Asia Cafe at SS15, Subang Jaya, just happened to have a stall serving Takoyaki. They come in a package of 6 balls for RM 4.00, a pretty reasonable price. Please do not eat it straight away when they’re served cos usually they are very hot and will easily burn your mouth (just ask ST.) The taste is pretty rich and quite greesy but managable. Overall, with the mayonese topping, it’s pretty good for finger food, or when you just want to cram that extra 8000 calories in your system. You’re all skinny, right?

Takoyaki at Asia Cafe ss15
Huey Fang says it’s teh delicious

Similiar stuff is served in 1U Jusco at ground level. It is slightly more expensive but comes in extra varities, such as the Unagi balls. I have yet to try it there.

Asia Cafe,
SS15, Subang Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.074684,101.589965

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  2. may i know where to buy the takoyaki grill…?

  3. Jeslyn,
    I have no idea, Jeslyn.

  4. how 2 make takoyaki?n camne nk dapatkn tempat masaknye?tolng la……sdapnye takoyaki….

  5. bob,
    Make? I don’t know how to make, I only know how to eat them! 😛

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