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Another pimping post for you noobs. I got someone femmes to pimp to you, please welcome Reta of Cyber-Red, a veteran blogger that will put your 100th post to shame, cos she did more than 5 times as many as you, noob! Previous pimping entries can be found here

Reta of cyber red
Name: Reta
Age: early twenties, don’t ask lah
Weight: slender & curvy type
Height: almost as tall as me, maybe 5’5?
Speciality: organized crime campaign for STD
X factor: nail biting, so you save on the manicure

This young lady is an almost graduate from a femmes college at Klang Valley. Over legal age and barely qualify to register as a voter. She is also a veteran blogger with over 500 posts! As a comparison, yours truely here is only working on the the 120th. That makes her more than 4 times better.. or something like that.

pimping Reta of cyber red
i’m so happy, yeay!

If you can get her to go to Sunway Lagoon, an unamed source told me that she’ll put on bikini and looks really good on it. Rumours also have it that she enjoys playing pool, and can sometimes go to Asia Cafe at Subang Jaya. But yet another anonymous source warned that this girl has a curfew, a mama’s girl, a modern day Cinderalla. Probably a good thing, you know she’s not contaminated by KL’s night scene… yet.

Reta pimped
yet another proof that this is genuine, hehe.

To date her:
What are you waiting for? Go pledge to Peter Tan’s Hair for Hospice, higher you pledge, higher your chance is! It’s all for a good cause anyway.


Discuss : KY Pimps – Reta of Cyber-Red

  1. You look matching with this girl.hehehe

  2. San Francissco

    One advice for her, i think she really need teeth braces.

  3. San Francissco,
    so harsh. lol

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