Following the entry on Cheap and Good Chinese Food near KLCC, as promised, here’s the installation for the Malay variety. So for our Muslim brothers, there’s cheap lunch available at the golden triangle, too. However, please wait till after this fasting month, hehe.

Malay food near KLCC, BSN
bet you didn’t know this kinda places exist just a stone’s throw away from KLCC

This Malay “food court” is referred to simply as the BSN food place. It is a collection of Malay hawkers located at the parking lot that is right across KLCC tower 1, and in front of the BSN building. There are over half a dozen stalls there selling everything from Mee Soto to Nasi Kandar, and Roti Canai to Sotong Kangkung.

Malay food near KLCC
best or not?

One of my favorites is the Ikan Bakar (bbq fish.) A piece of what you see in the picture only costs RM 3.00. That’s mighty economical, don’t you think? Other than sting ray, there serve another two types of fish, and they always come with two different sauce for your just-in-time seasoning. A salty and sourish lime based sauce with diced onion and chilli padi, and a soya sauce based sauce, and again, with diced onion and chilli padi. However, they varied in taste.

This meal, with the generous sized water melon juice and rice with some ulam (fresh raw vegetable) and curry gravy costs me a grand total of only RM 6.00, that’s counting the fish. At the KLCC food court, you can probably get a plate of plain noodle and some ice water for the same price, and it’ll probably suck too.

The particular stall that I got this serving is the 1st of the second stretch of stalls. I heard that the place is serving pretty good buka puasa dinner this month.

GPS: 3.157496, 101.710503

KY eats – Cheap and Good Malay Food near KLCC
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