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Been a while since I posted my recipe, so lets learn how to serve up a plate of mouth watering and yet easy to prepare fried rice dish. It’s from KY, so you know it tastes awesome! You can find my other recipes here

best KY fried rice
work up your appetite yet?

The Ingredients:

  • Rice
  • An egg
  • Some shrimps and Crab Sticks
  • Garlic
  • Chilli Padi
  • Dark Soya Sauce, Soya Sauce, Salt, and Pepper for seasoning

awesome KY fried rice
See? So simple.

The Steps:

  • As you can see from the pictures, first you fry the garlic
  • Add in the shrimp (“marinate in salt water first”), and then the diced crab stick and some chill padi a minute later, fry till you can smell wholesomeness
  • Add in rice, and add dark soya sauce, stir till the color is even
  • Use the spatula to create an opening in the middle of the frying pan, and crack the egg there, add soya sauce to the egg.
  • Let the egg cook for half a minute or so, then stir it up with the rice
  • Add some pepper, stir, and serve

KY excellent fried rice
If you can’t read, I’m sure you can follow these photos, noob.

Please give me a standing ovation, thanks thanks.

Discuss : KY can cook – KY Style Awesome Fried Rice

  1. ei, yours fried rice also not bad ler.looks quite delicious..and u so pandai to cook…

    KY: hehe thanks thanks

  2. Hm……….not really awesome, just a bit too dark in color but I’m sure it didn’t taste bad. I put salt instead of soy sauce for my fried rice with egg, it look somewhat gold

  3. Hi KY. Love reading your blog!
    This wasn’t as awesome as i expected; it looks better than it tastes. the flavour didn’t pack a punch like you’d expect from a really good fried rice. it was somewhat bland. sorry.

  4. Jasmine,
    this was 2005, skill improved already! 😛

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