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Now many of us have been bitching about how much food in KLCC costs, a plate of mixed rice can set you back at RM 10, and a sugar cane drink goes for RM 2.50. However, if you are willing to walk across the street, there are cheap and frankly, better tasting food just around the corner.

Enter Sweet Home Restaurant at Wisma Sentral. I would actually call this place a kopitiam instead. The shop is on the ground floor facing the parking lot, directly opposite Isetan side entrace. If you walk from KLCC, it is less than 2 minutes under the sun.

Sweethome restaurant at Wisma Sentral near KLCC Isetan
Nice little kopitiam

Other than mixed rice, the shop also serve to order, like any “tai chow” place. The price is very reasonable, usually a single entry goes for only around RM 5.00 or so. We ordered vegetable (yau mak with fu yu), pork knuckle with vinegar, and herbal chicken. With 3.5 plates of rice and 2 chinese tea, it only costs Rm16.50. That’s a very full lunch for 2 person, and cheaper than a burger king set lunch.

Resturant Sweet Home, Wisma Sentral near KLCC
leave no prisoner

Other dishes that are highly recommended are vegetable with roasted pork (choi tam siu yok,) fish with tofu and kang kung belacan. The portion of the dishes isn’t very big, but it is economical, and perfect for lunch. Comparing with other similar places that I dined in, I would rate this above average taste wise, and top of the list budget wise.

Don’t complain about the lack of affordable meal at KLCC. I’ll show you some other cheap and good Malay food stalls nearby some other time.

GPS: 3.158728, 101.714473

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