Here we go again, boys and girls, another pimping entry. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Anne. You know the drills, look back at entries on FA, Xaviera, and Vanessa for info. So, lets get it on!

pimping anne
Name: Pocket Anne
Age: Legal, can apply for her own passport
Weight: feather weight
Height: she doesn’t want to talk about it
Occupation: Oil and Gas Exec
Speciality: Acting like a high school girl
X factor: Travelling with her is economical, she fits in your check-in luggage. Flexibility!

This is the cute little girl next door, but don’t let the high school look alike image fools you. This girl can dance like a snake, play pool like a pro, and sing the “shanghai beach” song like you’ve never heard it before. You’ll be surprised. And oh, she has one of the most femenine way of walking.

This girl also enjoys fine food, from Japanese sushi, to Kepong bak kut teh. Bring her to play some pool after dinner, or catch a movie, play bowling.. er.. maybe we should scratch the bowling option unless you can find the 8 lb ball.

Anne pimped
If she isn’t cute, I don’t know who is

To date her:
No, you don’t have to be taller than 5’3. So, lets bid! I guess this is where I bring in Peter Tan, he’ll specify a charity for the money to go to if I ever recieve any.

KY Pimps – Anne

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