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So last weekend a bunch of us jokers went to Redang. Some of us are divers, and some are noobish snorklers. Others just love to sleep, and at least one noob got serious sunburn on her shoulders (she is the famous blogger who went on the star.)

There were Suanie, ST, Kim, Terence, Saint, Margie, Faggot, Kerol, and Zess. I also got to know Ong & Vivien who joined us as Terence’s friends.

Pulau Redang vacation
Don’t you wish you have an awesome vacation too?

We stayed at this place called Redang Beach resort. Basically I didn’t care too much about the place, give me a place to sleep and a hot shower, that’s all I needed. My main interest is diving. However, Redang Beach proved to be rather comfortable, and the food was pretty alright, barring the salty “fresh” water that they serve.

Pulau Redang vacation
Diving & Project Aware, yeh we’re good people

One of the many reasons we came to Redang was for project aware. It is an awareness program aimed at education in conservation of our wonderful underwater world, including reefs, mermaids, and neptunes, or something like that. What happened was we helped pick the rubbish off the beach, attend a seminar or two, and got like 4 free dives. All nice and dandy to me.

I ended up with 3 dives cos the dive sites our leader took us wasn’t terribly exciting and I was more interested to just chill at the beach for the 4th. I did, however, manage to see a huge school of small barracudas, 2 turtles, a huge sting ray, murral eel, some funky jelly fish with tiny fishes in it’s tanticles, titan trigger fish, and of course, nemo.

Pulau Redang vacation
I don’t have many normal friends

Vacation is all about the company, and when you have the luxury of joining a bunch of jokers like these guys, it’s loads of fun. It was discovered that some of us has had some sizable horizontal expansion since, so beach shorts and bikinis wasn’t exactly such a godly sight. I will keep those photos so I can extort them when they are rich and famous.

Pulau Redang vacation
Off the island, and back onto mainland

Time flies when you’re having a good time, or when you’re sleeping (ST slept 15 hr straight at one go.) All of a sudden it’s already Sunday. We reluctantly packed up and got our butt back to mainland. Had lunch at Kuala Terengganu, bought ourselves some keropok lekor, chill at the rest house abit, and off to the airport.

We “gambled” on cokes while waiting for the delayed flight, and Terence won big, he carried extra 17 cans of soft drinks back to KL. Some passangers thought he was trying to compete with airasia on flight catering, then again we were on MAS.

It was a great holiday, now back to work!

p/s: no, FA didn’t go.

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