Following the lesson on how not to write friendster messages, I have realised that it is not a very good idea to only teach about what you can’t do. So, to give a more constructing lesson, I am going to attempt to teach you the art of peotry.

Upon completion of this lesson, you will, hopefully, be able to compose some ultra romantic poems to get that chick that you have always set your eyes upon.

Exhibit A:
lets sit in horng’s waja
and go to genting
when u are on my paha
i feel very the stim

This one is a little on the naughty side, you know, you can only write this to a chick whom you have gone out with, but has been difficult to get the relationship to that next level. A little hint that you want her to be your new laptop companion might stir up her imagination and viola! You’re on your way to a happy ending

Exhibit B:
we are destined together
like fish needs water
for you without i
is like wingless bird cannot fly

Slightly more romantic, a good use of analogy to showcase your creative side. Be imaginative, be bold, be wild. It’s a confession of feelings, you know, like telling you really belong to her, that with you by her side, the life is oh so more meaningful. Use this one when you are parepared to take the plunge.

Exhibit C:
your smile is so sweet
like god put extra sugar in ur mouth
i am happy as a kid
when u are inside my house

A reflection of the time spent together in your house. You want the girl to know that you appreciated whatever both of you have done in your house, and that you want her to come again. Well, that can mean both of you sat at your couch watching Shrek 2, or maybe something more interesting, I’ll leave this to your imagination. A message like this will surely melt her heart like butter under hot sun. Totally owning.

Well well, here I presented you the 3 classes of poems you can use to impress your chick. Lets recall:
1st – you want to get a bit physical
2nd – you reveal your true feeling
3rd – you want her to live with you

That’s it folks, be creative. Thank you thank you, I’ll be here all week.

KY teaches – How to Write Romantic Poems

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