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I’m sure most of you already know who is FA by now, the girl who dances good and parties hard. However, many of you do not realise that she also drinks, and for that she doesn’t need a special reason nor occasion.

vodka ribena by FA
chilled vodka, and some ice.. ahhhhh, best.

Today she’s showing us how to enjoy a good ol’ WEEKDAY afternoon by mixing it up with some sultry alcoholic drinks. Item on the menu to day – vodka, Ribena, water, ice, semi-hot-chick (progressively hotter with the flow of vodka down the throat)

FA making vodka ribena
see? just add some ribena so they won’t say she’s an alcoholic drinking vodka straight up

Steps: Simple enough, mix it all up, the more alcohol, the merrier.

FA enjoying the vodka ribena
vodka ribena + reading blogs, oh so wonderful

Drinking happy, what a way to pass the afternoon especially when all your friends are working their ass of while you are taking your leave. Well, if you’re not on leave, you can get a jump start to your working day by mixing up some Bailey’s in your 3-in-1 milo for breakfast, now where did I get that idea from… ?

Parties, Saw

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