As some of you might aware, I have written quite abit about Vietnamese food such as the BBQ & steamboat. The latest installation, I bring you Banh Xeo, something akin to crepe.

Banh Xeo Vietnamese Crepe

We went to this place called Banh Xeo 46A, an old school place by the roadside, with extended roof however. The place is packed with mostly Vietnamese, but I did see a table of mat salleh smacked somewhere in there tho.

As you can see on the bottom 2 pictures, they serve BBQ prawn and fish too.

Banh Xeo at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This is what we came for, Banh Xeo, it’s got shrimp, bean sprout, and some other stuff in it. As with most Vietnamese dishes, it came with a generous serving of fresh vegetables. We also ordered fish, and some fried pork that came with something like very soft pohpiah wrapper.

Ho Chi Minh City Banh Xeo Vietnamese Crepe

The way you eat Banh Xeo, as shown by my Vietnamese colleague.

  • Tear a serving of the “crepe”
  • Wrap some fresh vege over it
  • Add some sauce and maybe some chilli
  • Indulge your senses

Typical tourists never get these kinda true Vietnamese food, it was awesome.

KY eats – Banh Xeo, Vietnamese Crepe

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