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Since the pond is almost done except the proper set up of the filtration system, I decided to christen the pond by taking a swim.

Swimming in the koi pond

It was alot of fun, I brought out the snorkling gear, and did some exercise over the water, too. You can see Horng at bottom right enjoying the waterfall.

For some of you with higher bandwidth, you can see a video we took over here. I did a death man fall, Horng took a dive, and you can even see FA visiting us! Too bad she didn’t bring her bikini, heh.

Koi Pond

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  1. […] After taking a swim in the koi pond, we decided to get slightly more serious and got some plants to decorate the pond side nicely. […]

  2. […] This is the 2nd video of the Koi Pond posted since it’s completion more than a year ago. Since the first video was of me and my house mate swimming in it, I thought this time it’ll be best to show you noobs the beautiful kois that lives in the now plenty matured pond. […]

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