A friend of mine went to Redang last year, and brought me a cup of sand from the beach, that was kept in a starbucks cup. I put it on top of my PC, and it remained there without much fanfare, and I thought: why not get some entertainment value outta it?

The fakeplan sand from Redang

So I had a discussion with my clients at my workstation a while back. Both of them are women of 30+, conservative Malay ladies equipped with tudung and traditional baju kurung. Lets call them Puan A, and makcik N.

Puan A got here first, and in the middle of discussion with her, she asked “what’s that on top of your PC? Some sort of kacang or asam?”

“Well why don’t you try some?” I replied. Since I always ate her food at her office, I thought I’d return the favor.

She took the cup, slowly open up the lid, dug her fingers into the sand.. took some .. and before I had the chance to stop her, she put it into her mouth.

“YUCK YUCK YUCK *puke/spit* ” and I gave her some tissues while laughing my ass off. She was the first victim of the day. “Jahat la you” was what she said. hehehe

Makcik N arrived thereafter, and inevitably she started asking.. “Oh, what’s that in the cup?”

“I don’t know, but you can try some” or something was what I replied. Knowing me, she was abit suspecious, but she still thought it’s some sort of food.

“KY ni jahat, must be something funny..” she said. “You can ask Puan A what it is, she’s tried it just now” I said.

She was trying to ask Puan A while extending her hand to the cup… but all Puan A could do was laughing non stop while Makcik N repeated what Makcik N did 10 minutes ago. Putting the sand in her mouth.

This time both of us were rolling on the floor laughing while the makcik wiping her mouth off and spitting into the tissue and telling me “Ku akan ingat kan youuuuuuuu!” (I will remember you!)


cant stop laughing

A couple of weeks later, an excerpt of the email sent from Makcik N to the team including myself and Puan A.

“Puan A,
Whatever it is.. kite dua2 makan pasir ! (both of us ate sand!)”

hehehehee. I love my job.

KY fakeplan – How I conned people into eating sand

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