In previous posts I have introduced you noobs about Pho, an expensive Hue meal, and vietnamese coconut ice cream and coffee. This time around I visited another excellent old school type of food establishment to have some classic Vietnamese BBQ and Steamboat kinda thing.

Don’t exactly know the name of the place or where exactly it is located as my friend zoomed through the narrow streets in the scooter bringing me there. It’s somewhere nearby District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, and I think the place, or the food, is called Lau Ca Bong Keo, or something like that.. anyway.

The setting of this restaurant is almost like a kopitiam, but with very low chairs and tables (perhaps a foot high). Kinda cute in a way, but also very pragmatic, you don’t have to stand up to put the food on the burner or in the steamboat like how we usually do it here in Malaysia.

Vietnamese BBQ in Ho Chi Minh City

BBQ old school style, with charcoal like it’s supposed to be! I had marinated shrimp and a type of river catfish. My host told me the fish is seasonal, so I must have been lucky. It is served with some soya sauce and red chili. The fish tastes sweet and the shrimp.. was AWESOME. Tastes slightly salty but very, very sweet and succulent.

Vietnamese Steamboat at Ho Chi Minh City

After the BBQ, the next dish was something like steamboat. This is served with burning charcoal and a healthy dosage of fresh vegetable such as lettuce, bean sprout and basil leaves. The main ingredient was the fish again, it was very good. While the marinated BBQ type was sweet and succulent, the steamboat with soup, brings out a different taste and texture from the same fish.

A bottle of Heineken went really well with that meal. Like Pho, this is a must try if you go to Vietnam.

KY eats – Vietnamese BBQ and Steamboat

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