The previous post on the Koi Pond construction featured rounding the top of the cement pond. Since then quite a bit of work had been done on the project, but lets talk about the elevation of the garden and water proofing here.

water meter around the koi pond

Since we were elevating the garden by about 1 feet near the gate, we had to line up bricks around the water meter to prevent it from dissapearing into the ground. I’m sure the SYABAS meter reader dude appreciates this. Wire mesh is used to strengthen the foundation, and concrete is poured.

waterproofing for the cement koi pond

2 layers of water proofing agent was then applied to prevent water seepage through the cement. A layer of pure cement water was applied prior to this. Acrobatic act was needed to accomplished this.

koi pond garden with no grass yet

Water was added to the pond to test if there was any leakage. So far so good.

Stay tune for the next post. Next up would be planting grass and some lanscaping work.

Koi Pond – Water Meter, Drainage, and Water Proofing

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