Kim’s Birthday
So I was at Myanmar, checking my email and found out there’s a party at my house on the coming saturday several hours after my scheduled flight back to KL. That was kinda interesting, but since it was for Kim’s birthday, it was all good. Kim posted about it, and Suan has a gallery here.

The party was fun, but too bad Kim herself spent the least amount of time awake. Before she left the house, I was fortunate enough to snap this picture with my phone. (digicam’s memory card went dead)

kimberlycun puked
How lovely, everyone who celebrated birthday at my place ended up doing this.

Suan’s Ikea Bowl
and how she feels so at home there.

So I went to the Ikea sales with FA and Suan on Sunday. I bought 4 pieces of dining chairs that match my dining table and were on sales. When I initially bought the dining table, it was on sales too but the chairs weren’t. Sneaky Ikea never anticipated that a guy would buy the table and then wait for half a year for the chairs.

FA bought some magic markers and colorful straws. I stopped her from buying the milk carrier thingy.

Suan wanted to get a blue bowl, so she took one and put it in the bag. 15 minutes later FA found out that the bowl was the sample, you know, the one you’re not supposed to check out cos it’s attached with some extra descriptions and such? So suan ran back and got another while FA and I waited 10 minutes for her.

Few minutes later, as we were looking at some bookends, Suan decided to drop a stainless steel bookend on the bowl, and managed to chip it. So we had to wait another 10 minutes as she went to get the 3rd blue bowl.. I’m giving her 2 weeks before she destroy it anyway.

blue IKEA bowl

Ikea encouraged you to try their furniture in the store before you buy them. I didn’t know they meant sleeping in their bed like this..

suanie sleeping at IKEA
Lucky I’m not related to this woman.

Kim’s Birthday, Suan’s Ikea Bowl

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