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The definition of Ah Beng:
Ability to speak hokkien, and especially fluent in cursing with the language. Likes to eat bakut teh and hokkien mee. Other than that, ah beng also must have short, spiky hair inspite of thinning hair line.

A: Klang Chow Ah Beng Galvin Tan Kar Leng
This guy stays in the definitive Ah Beng area that is Klang, loves to eat pork, and likes to say “kanneh” alot. He also loves to terrorize coin-operated cars.

Klang Chow Ah Beng

B: Subang Chow Ah Beng Terence Goh
This dude loves to eat curry mee with lotsa pork blood, and was a drunk and chimney, recently quit both in fear of getting his ears pulled by the significant other. He also have a weird sense of taste in car modification

Subang Chow Ah Beng

C: Penang Chow Ah Beng Choo Heng Horng @ Choo Heng Horny
The latter name given by a particular hotel in Johor that miss-spelled his G to Y. I’ve known this guy for over 20 years and he’s currently my pond co-builder. Of course the Klang and Subang Chow Ah Bengs helped, too. Dude also occasionally gives the middle finger.

Penang Chow Ah Beng

Aren’t they cute? I have weird friends, heh.


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  1. […] I guess the topic and the following picture basically sums up the experience I gathered from watching this movie. Thanks to the Klang chow ah beng, Galvin, who said this movie was “pretty good”, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have watched it. Spoilers ahead, you are warned. […]

  2. […] How many of you are sick of Starbucks and Coffeebeans? Places with somewhat decent drinks but basically no FOOD, and with lotsa Ah Bengs gathering at those places lately like vultures surrounding a dying elephant… er.. how to continue.. nevermind… […]

  3. […] By now most of you have probably seen my housemates Sotong and Horng (sometimes spelled as Horny). There is however, another hidden and sometimes invisible female santa chick living with us. Her name is Heuy Fang and have you seen someone looks more like santa than her while brushing teeth? […]

  4. […] Last weekend my housemate Horny Horng decided to bring us (myself and kerol) to Klang for some pork rib rice which he claimed to be very good. So we called up Galvin the Klang Chow Ah Beng to join us, since he stays nearby. […]

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