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Now that you’ve read about my entries on Vietnamese meals here and here, it’s time to move on to the desserts.

Now, I’m not really a huge fan of ice cream, but everytime I came back from Vietnam, my mom had always asked me “So have you had the coconut ice cream yet?” This was my 5th trip to the city, and I thought what better time than now to try it?

Vietnamese coconut ice cream at Ho Chi Minh City
Coconut Ice Cream in a.. coconut, of course!

The toppings are dried logan, nuts, and that rolled up bakery thing. Fresh strawberry and grapes on the side, too. You eat some ice cream, you mix it up with some fresh coconut meat, man, this you gotta try it for yourself. It was sweet and it was great! Nevermind I had to drink about 3 glasses of water later.

Vietnamese coffee at Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnamese Coffee, really black

Vietnam is also famous for it’s coffee. They come really thick and black, and they come pretty sweet too. What you see in the picture isn’t a half filled glass cos I drank some, it was how it came. Really thick that you can’t possibly drinking a full glass without instantly having caffien overdose. Starbucks & Coffeebean ain’t got nothing on Vietnamese Coffee, and it’s way cheaper too.

Oh yeah, I had to drink another few glasses of water to clear my throat and tongue. hehe

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  1. […] In previous posts I have introduced you noobs about Pho, an expensive Hue meal, and vietnamese coconut ice cream and coffee. This time around I visited another excellent old school type of food establishment to have some classic Vietnamese BBQ and Steamboat kinda thing. […]

  2. I have been working in Vietnam for about 3 years now. First station in Hanoi and now HCMC. People, food and taste is very different. I love HCMC as I think the food here similar to Malaysia…by the way, I’m a Malaysian (lady). I find there is a shop in HCMC that sell very famous sticky rice…with pork floss / fried chicken / vietnamese sausage and ham. It taste good…no name for the shop. It’s located at Bui Thi Xuan Street…i forget the no, but just infront of Cop-Mart Supermarket (the end road of Bui Thi Xuan). They also sell different type of Vietnamese “chendol”…sweet but nice. Be prepared to squad on a small chair while eating. Usually pack during lunch or dinner…remember to go early!

  3. Hi, I’m planning a trip to Hanoi and HCMC in the second half of this year and I’ll definitely give the coffee a try.^_^


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