KY cooking indomie
KY Style Indomie, looks awesome, no?

Following the popular Kung Pao Chicken and Fried Pomphret Fish, I’ve decided to teach you a simpler dish that mere mortals can cook up. Now I am sure many of you are able to prepare a pack of Indomie, but does it taste better than KY’s version?

This dish is simple as simple can be, prefect for the college kitchen and the lazy singles.

The Ingredients:

  • A packet of Indomie, or two if you’re really hungry, or if you’re ST
  • An egg
  • 2 crab sticks, you can also subsitute this with prawn or fishball
  • 1 onion
  • some garlic
  • 2 dried mushroom

The Steps:

  • Boil up the water and start cooking your Indomie, throw in the dried mushrooms
  • While you are boiling the noodle, cut up the crab stick, onion, and garlic
  • Take out the mushroom after a minute or so, and cut it up to thin slices
  • Now heat up the pans and start frying the ingredients while mixing Indomie sauce with some hot water in a small bowl
  • When the noodle’s ready, throw it in, stir, and add in the premixed sauce
  • Add egg, shake some soya sauce to it
  • Serve and be happy after another few minutes of frying

I’ve included some pictures of the preparation work this time for you noobs. It’s easy, simple, and tastes pretty awesome for a 10 minute job. For simplicity sake, I did not decorate the dish this time around, but it’s Indomie, that’s as much honour it should get.

Indomie cooking, ingredients
These are all the ingredients

KY cooks indomie
Stirfry the onion, garlic, crab sticks, and mushroom first

By the way I haven’t gotten any emails yet, start sending me emails, hot chicks!

KY can cook – KY Style Awesome Indomie

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