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KY cooking kung pao chicken
This is how the KY’s Kung Pao Chicken looks like, yum!

Just read Peter Tan’s blog on his Chiken Kurma. Not to be outdone, I’m going to talk about my Kung Pao Chicken here.

You see, yours truely does not only build pond his own pond (with lotsa help of course), but cooks too. If you are a hot chick digging guys who can cook, please email me your resume, preferrably with photos and body measurements. Thanks.

Now lets get back to the Kung Pao chicken. The recipe is from a combination of mom’s advice, over the shoulder peeping at local kopitiam chef, and 4.5 years of intense experimentation while I was at the States.

The ingredients:

  • Chicken – portion according to the size of your stomach
  • Dried Red Chilli and Fresh Chilli Padi – portion according to the sensitivity of your tongue
  • Shallots (small onions) – portion according to how often you want to fart
  • Ginger – few slices
  • Garlic – you can never go wrong with adding garlic in anything Chinese
  • Parsley – for decorative purposes
  • Soy Sauce, Salt, Dark Soy Sauce – according to taste

The steps:

  1. Heat up the oil till it’s like damn hot
  2. Throw in the sliced ginger and chopped garlic, then run away as the oil sparks everywhere
  3. Throw in the shallots, in wedges or in whole, if they’re small
  4. Throw in the chillis
  5. Throw in the chicken, fry for a couple minutes
  6. Add in the mixture of your premixed sauce consist of the 3 items mentioned above
  7. Fried till chicken is cooked
  8. Serve with parsley on the top

Simple yet awesome in taste.

they are enjoying the kung pao chicken
The chicks digging it, too

finished kung pao chicken
Nothing but empty plate left, best or not?

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