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Now that the brick wall is up, it’s time to plaster it with a thin layer of cement. 1 part cement 3 part sand. This step is a little more delicate, my pal horng did most of the plastering after I did the initial 20%. In the mean time, I was building up the red-brick wall to elevate the garden. That’ll be on another post

This process took us about 3 days

plastering wall for koi pond

My friendly housemate and buddy for more than 20 years, horng salutes you

koi pond wall plaster

noob jack

Jack was helping to shuffle the mortar too. Sex him up please, gals.

koi pond wall plaster

True to the JKR (Jangan Kerja Rajin) spirit, 2 of us were holding the torch light while horng works

rounding slope at the bottom for koi pond

Slope at the bottom of the wall to have a smooth connection to the concrete floor.

Next Up – Garden Elevation

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