According to a famous Chinese provobe “Know the origin of that water you drinking, NOOB!”, or in mandarin “ying sui shi yen”. The idea is that you shall remember how your food came about.

Now I’m sure most of you have either eaten, or at least know what a caesar salad is, but how many of you know the origin of caesar salad? According to this page in culinaryarts site, it’s from the name of the creater, Caesar Cardini. Some might even say it was to the great Caesar in ancient Rome.

Those are lies! I shall reveal the long kept secret that is the origin of caesar salad to the world here.

Once upon a time there was a lady on diet who went to a restaurant late night to have a fix. It was 5 minutes to closing. She ordered a salad, any salad.

The waiter then took the order to the kitchen that was already closing. The chef, chef Ahbeng, gave a sour face and then look at what he’s got left that hasn’t been put away and locked yet.. and what he found was these..

items to make salad

a loaf of french bread, romaine lettuce, olive oil, parmesan cheese, garlic, and a pair of scissors.

He’s already kept the knifes in the safe, and was too lazy to unlock, he wasn’t in the best of mood that night anyway.

So he use the scissor to cut up the ingredients, put them in a plate, added olive oil and some Worcestershire sauce too. Shoved it to the waiter and called it the scissor salad.

Caesar SaladIt was served to the customer, she liked it, alot. In fact, she was a writer for a famous culinary magazine. She wrote about it, and thought that it was actually called ceasar salad. The rest of the world followed.

There you go, know your food!

The Origin of Caesar Salad
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