Went to PPS Bash, and I am going to be posting a slightly alternate view of the party. My salute to the organizers for their efforts. However, I would like to talk about my experience of it and perhaps offer a few suggestions for next year’s event.

Sorry folks, this post isn’t going to contain any pictures of the party. I’m sure you can find plenty of those around, Reta’s the first to post them up, and I’m sure Suanie, Kim, ST, and the rest will follow pretty soon.

The location:
Charlie’s Place. Personally I think the set up of the place isn’t very well suited for the amount of people who attended the party. The indoor area were a little too small even to fit half the attendees, there weren’t enough chairs. While the food was good, the service were pretty poor. Kim has waited some 3 hours to get her’s, and it wasn’t a service with a smile either, to say the least.

Perhaps a hotel ballroom would be a much preferred venue? I believe a small cover charge would be sufficient to handle the cost.

The event:
There event organization, I believe, could be a little better. It was very unfortunate nobody has volunteered to be the MC, and I think Suan rejected the idea the offer to be one. As such, the party became like a get together with segregated groups of people. Those who were in the blog rings longer were a lot more comfortable, and those were weren’t, mostly just hung around with their respective groups.

Taking a cue from high school prom nights and award shows, an MC or two should definitely be running the show, maybe throw in a projector to showcase nomination of blogs?

An ice breaking session would definitely be most welcoming as well, I believe. That would make a lot of us strike up conversations with “strangers” whom we otherwise would not have.

Many bloggers are like me, newbies to the scene. Most of our readers are our real life friends, and there aren’t many blog friends we know that we haven’t meet yet. Striking up conversations with perfect strangers that share only one thing in common (blogging) with you could be a challenging thing to do especially when most are busily engaging with people they already know.


Many thanks again to those who made this came true, and please do not get offended by my comments, they were merely honest opinions/suggestions. I look forward to next year, and hopefully we can have a more enjoyable and “friendlier to newbie” party.

PPS Bash – Could be better?
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