After 5 futile day waiting for the pre-mixed concrete that never came. A decision was made, we were going to do it ourself, mixing it old school, hardcore style. 1 part cement, 2 part sand, and 4 parts gravel.

My cousin who is in the construction business brought us to the building material store to get the supplies, and lend some free professional consultations too.

I bought: 1 fork-lift scoop of gravel, 2 scoops of sand, 2 sheets of BRC, 8 packs of cement, 450 cement-bricks, 150 red-bricks, 3 packs of water-proofing agent, 2 rows of brick wire mesh.

Total cost: RM 680+

koi pond building material
Building material delivered, looking like a construction yard now.

cousin in construction industry
Cousin giving a few words of advice

BRC to strengthen the foundation
BRC is laid for a strong foundation

BRC on koi pond foundation
BRC had to be raised a couple inches high (using bricks) so that it’ll be in the middle layer of the concrete

mixing the concrete for koi pond foundation
Mixing the concrete, Big David helped, and so did Chan

mixing concrete for koi pond foundation
David gotten a bit tired..

kerol fooling around
Sotong was just fooling around, as usual

leveling the koi pond concrete foundation
While they mix, I level the concrete foundation at approximately 5 inches thick

concrete foundation for koi pond - done
And it was done!

Next up – Brick wall

Koi Pond – Concrete Foundation
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