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Suanie had written a blog entry about our crab dining experience and especially singled out Kerol the Sotong with a few pictures of hers you can find here

I, however, think that the little animation below would show you more vividly how she enjoys her food. This is also due to the popular demand for an encore after FA’s dance move animation.

kerol crab eating moves

p/s: comment’s a bit screwed up on this post for whatever reasons, once u click “publish”, you’ll see the other comments tho. have fun!

Discuss : Kerol’s Crab Eating Steps

  1. […] The menu offers a huge variety of food. However, the shop gets its fame on porridge. Hence naturally, Kerol ordered the crab porridge. I had the wantan mee soup, while horny got the chicken rice. The food was pretty good. My wantan mee has the authentic taste too it, if not a little blunt, which suits me well. The wantan was pretty decent, and the noodle quite nice. […]

  2. […] All those food, all for her. Needless to say, Kerol, Kenneth, and I were quite impressed. We already had our dinner (equivalent to about half that portion) by that time and was only accompanying suan. […]

  3. […] Kenneth, Horny, Kerol, and I were looking for something interesting for dinner the other day and Kenneth mentioned about the excellent fresh prawn noodle at Restaurant Green View that was just a stone’s throw away from the SS2 mamak area, a place we frequent quite abit. With no other suggestions from the fellow noobs, we decided to head there without thinking twice about the price of the offering. […]

  4. […] Sotong suggested that we go to this fishball place at Seapark that she found out from her colleague. Since I am always in an adventure mode when it comes to food, and this place is rather close to where I stay, we gave The 60s Teow Chew Fishball a try last weekend. […]

  5. […] Last weekend my housemate Horny Horng decided to bring us (myself and kerol) to Klang for some pork rib rice which he claimed to be very good. So we called up Galvin the Klang Chow Ah Beng to join us, since he stays nearby. […]

  6. […] By now most of you have probably seen my housemates Sotong and Horng (sometimes spelled as Horny). There is however, another hidden and sometimes invisible female santa chick living with us. Her name is Heuy Fang and have you seen someone looks more like santa than her while brushing teeth? […]

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