Party was a blast, too bad for you who had to miss it due to various reasons. This is the next morning and I’m not at the greatest of intellectual capacity right now, so here are some highlights and photos. I’m sure others will post pictures on their blogs to compliment whatever I have here.


  • Some 40 people turned out
  • Lotsa us got drunk, some puked, and some passed out
  • Police came three times (twice actual, third in my dreams where we were summoned =/ )
  • Party was a blast, disco light’s the pwn
  • FA danced drunk, then almost passed out
  • Did I say party was a blast?

Here are some pictures:

Image hosted by
Great picture drawn by Chan of the Faggot, Goh, and ST

ST, faggot, and terence
Gin and Juice prepared by me for the birthday boys, only 1 glass for 3, noobs!

fridge full of beer
All loaded up with alcohol

snacks for the party
.. and food

plenty of liquor
.. and liquor

the disco light
what’s a party without some nice disco lights?

dance em all night long

some drunk noobs
teenage wasteland

jessica and margie kissing
hot chicks smoochin

kimberlycun, ST, and others dancing at party
more dancing

drinking alcohol
and drinking

having a feast
and enjoying the food

guys having fun at party, including ST and David
these guys are still not too drunk yet

picture with vanessa the hottie
me taking picture with one of the hotties

sotong completely wasted
and sotong was wasted

fireangel hiding under the bed
FA would say that wasn’t her

this guy is wasted
not only girls were wasted, dudes too

we finished the liquor
aftermath, liquors gone

nothing left in the fridge
fridge empty

kerol pissed drunk at party

and carol aka sotong, seriously screwed

It was a great night, and thanks for everyone who came! Will definately have this again. I’m off to Vietnam in half an hour, housemates can do the cleaning. hehehehehe


p/s: Missed my flight, crap! Lucky there’s one last empty seat on tomorrow’s early flight. Was too high to check my ticket for the proper departure time. heh

Faggots Party Report
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