Ah, yet another Monday, so here’s a story to help cure the blue.

Once upon a time 3 geeks (the likes of yours truly) and 3 graphic artists (someone like jbasil) had to go on a trip from KL to Penang. They’ve decided to take the train.

At the station, the graphic guys bought three tickets, but noticed that the geeks only paid for one. They inquired the geeks for the strange behavior, and the answer was “You’ll know later”

All six of them boarded the train. The locomotive started moving. Moments later, when sensing the conductor approaching their cart, the three geeks went into the toilet.

The conductor came, and verified everyone’s tickets, including the graphic artists, and then knocked on the toilet door.

“Ticket please.” the geeks handed out the single ticket they had from behind the door. It was verified, and then the conductor left.

“Nice trick, we shall do that on the way back.” said the graphic artists.

After their fruitful and foodful trip up north. It was time to head back to KL.

At the train station, having learnt from the wisdom from us geeks, the graphic artists wisely bought only a single ticket for all 3 of them.

The geeks, however, went one step ahead and didn’t even buy any ticket.

“Dude, you guys don’t even get a ticket this time?” asked the curious artists.

“You’ll know later.” was again the answer from the geeks.

They went on the train, and before the conductor came, the graphic artists went into the one toilet, with their smiling face and the great sense of euphoria knowing they were going to pull this out. The geeks went into another toilet in the same cart.

Right when the conductor was at the next cart, a geek came approached the toilet where the graphic artists were hiding and knocked

“Ticket check please,” imitating the conductor.

A hand appeared from behind the door and happily handed the geek their only ticket.

the geeks and the graphic artists
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  • July 29, 2017 at 12:37 pm

    I want to be first commentator in this article…success for KY everyday


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