This is a true story that happened during one frigid Minnesota winter night on early 1999.

I was a student in Bemidji State University then, staying in the hostel, my roommate was this huge Bangladesh dude name Masud. (pictures later)

We bought a bottle of tequila, and drank it the way it’s meant to with lemon and salt, it was some good stuff. I had about a quarter of the bottle, and Masud had the rest of it.

tequila - drawn by KY

After the bottle we finished the bottle , and I puked, we decided to go to Perkins, a 24-hour restaurant, in an attempt to sober up and refill my stomach. I remembered Masud going to the toilet, and returning to the table, then he ate again. My mind wasn’t working very well. None of ours were.

Half an hour later, we drove back to the dorm. Parked the car, it was still snowing, the temperature was about –30C or something insane like that.

Walking out of the car.

“Damn, why is it so cold?” said Masud.

“Hey! Where is my pants?” yelled Masud.

Apparently the big dude forgot to put his pants on in the toilet and left it at Perkins, sat there for another half an hour with his underwear (consult the photo) and sweater while eating, and came back with the car without realizing.

masud the big dude

Moral of the story:

  • Tequila goes well with salt and lemon
  • Tequila can knock you down
  • Always remember to put on your pants after going to the toilet
About a Tequila
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