Due to popular demand by the likes of Kimberly and FireAngel, I have decided to exercise my creativity and artistic skill to once again revisit anatomy of female hygienic practice, and propose a pragmatic way for improvement. So here we go, a lesson in pee standing for those without the manly tool.

Note: Post is graphical, parental advisory

How many times have you gals went to a public toilet, just to find that it’s so filthy and unhygienic that you would rather wish you are a guy? With the “modern toilet”, squatting “Type B” on the elevated bowl is rather difficult and challenging. Necessity is the mother of all invention, so here goes –

HOW TO PEE STANDING (FEMALE and post-operative shemale)

The wrong way

Do not, I repeat, do not ever just imitate a guy to pee standing. YOU CAN’T aim! Consult the graphic below so I can save some disturbing descriptions. You will simply make a big mess.

pee all over the legs

The right way

  1. If you don’t smoke, find a friend who does, and ask him or her for the used cigarette box, hard pack preferred.
  2. Rip off the cover, and also the bottom
  3. Fit the bottom to your opening while standing like a man in front of the toilet bowl, aim
  4. Fire away, adjust aiming if you miss, or if you see them roaches starting to creep up

female pee with direction

I hope you find this educational.

Moral of the lesson:

  • If you don’t have the right tool, do not attempt the impossible
  • Smokers are your friends
  • My artistic skill is the pwn
Female peeing strategy
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