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SS2 Shabu Shabu KING steamboat
best or not? hehehe

Suan joined myself and kerol (don’t worry, no pictures of her this time) for dinner. As usual, that lady can never suggest where to eat, but was extremely good at saying “NO” to every suggestion I can come up with. Somehow we ended up at this Shabu Shabu KING steamboat place at SS2 instead. This is a pretty new establishment at the area.

Shabu shabu actually means “swish swish” in Japanese, and usually associated with cooking very thin sliced beef in hot water. Since the steamboat ingredients are of the fast to cook variety, I guess the name is pretty appropriate. However, shabu can also carry an entirely different meaning, as described here.

SS2 Shabu Shabu KING steamboat
fresh and raw stuff before boiling

The restaurant serves 3 different types of soup, Miso, Clear, and Kimchi. As we only had one steamboat, we chose clear and kimchi (extra RM5.) The trick in making the soup tastes good is by boiling shell fish and crabs in it first to extract the aroma from the seafood. Do not keep adding new soup to water it down either, unless you absolutely have to.

SS2 Shabu Shabu KING steamboat
settings were mediocre, but air conditioned tho

The variety of items offered were quite generous, there were prawn, flower crab, sliced beef, sliced chicken, tofu, various vegies, egg, seaweed, squid, cuttle fish, imitation crab (was very good,) various types of fish ball and fish paste, scallop, clam, mushroom, and more. They also offer quite a big selection of dipping sauce and chilli to go with the steamboat. These include soya sauce, chilli padi, diced garlic, taiwanese satey sauce, wasabi, chicken rice chilli sauce, and more.

Other than the those main ingredients, ice water, tea, and ice lemon tea are also free flow. There were also about 8 types of dessert for your choosing, I think suan and kerol each had about 4-5 types *gasp*.

SS2 Shabu Shabu KING steamboat map
map, nice yeh?

For RM 20 nett per person, it was pretty good and worth the money paid for. I think if you go after 10:30 pm it’s even cheaper, like RM 15 per pax or something like that.

16, Jalan SS 2/63, PJ 47300 Selangor
GPS: 3.118523, 101.622376
Tel: 03-78761161

So one day while going to PJ State for some banking needs, I ended up in this kopitiam right next to UOB bank. As I was pondering what to have for breakfast, the claypot thingy on the other table captured my attention. A closer peek, and I just had to order it. Seafood porridge.

PJ state seafood porridge
well kerol seemed happy, no?

I ordered seafood porridge, while my housemate kerol had the crab porridge. We had to wait for about 25 minutes before the food came as the business was pretty good. They do give you something to chew upon (yau char kuai) while waiting.

PJ state seafood porridge
omfg tasty sial

The seafood porridge came with fish, prawn and plenty of lala (type of clam) while the crab porridge came with a whole crab. Parsley and thin sliced ginger were standard. The porridge was very soft and cooked beyond recognition of individual rice grain. The taste was very good, with just the right amount of sesame aroma while indulges you on rich seafood sweetness. You gotta try this.

The seafood porridge is RM 14 while the crab, RM 14.50. They do serve cheaper alternatives, and I believe there’s crab porridge that doesn’t come with all the shell.

map of PJ state
map, foo!

8 Jalan Tengah
Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.099378, 101.644478

Note: This stall is no longer there

I’m not a huge laksa fan, but I do eat it occasionally and enjoys it as an in between meal “snacks”. So it was by sheer luck that when we went to Jalan Pasar in KL my housemate Kerol spotted this mini laksa stall at Peng Hwa food court. She claimed to have eaten it before and it was supposedly good. She is a huge laksa fan.

Mini Laksa at Jalan Pasar
The food court and the laksa stall

We ordered a bowl for each person. True to the name, the laksa came in a small bowl that probably only fit half a pack of maggie noodle soup. I remember this is exactly how laksa was served back in the days when I was a little boy in Penang. Nice

Mini Laksa at Jalan Pasar
yumm.. laksa… *drools*

It came with the standard laksa ingredients such as onions, mint leaves, laksa noodle, cucumber, pineapple, some type of veggie, “sticky shrimp sauce”, all soaked in asam fish based soup. The overall taste was very good, a true representation of good Penang laksa. It was, however, rather spicey and might be a little salty for some, so do order a big glass of cold drink.

Here’s how to get there, foo!

Map to Mini Laksa at Jalan Pasar

3.134806, 101.716104

A very big thank you for everyone who came to the party, it was a blast and I hope everyone had fun. Suan, ST, and Reta had already posted some pics and write ups of the party, so hop over to see more. Here is the blow by blow account of the event.

note: Pictures are described as A, B, C, D from top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right order. Descriptions of the people in the photos follows the same order.

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

Before the party begins, we spent some time decorating the house with stuff we bought from Petaling Street earlier in the day.
A: We rearranged the furniture to optimise space for the party, Kerol and Michelle having fun
B: Balloons
C: X’mas deco is up
D: Vodka by the x’mas presents, we brought out the trusted disco balls too

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

By 7 something, a few of the early birds arrived. Jean was one of the earliest, there wasn’t much going on at the time as we were still decorating the place. Sheryl came before 8 too.
A: Sheryl and me
B: Sheryl and Jean
C: Kerol with her crazy outfit, and Chan, who was her makeup artist
D: Kwan Wai, ?, Saint, and Terence

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

People started to come by around 9pm or so, initially we were lack of food and a few of the early birds were starving.. But somehow we ended up with too much food when ST brought tonnes of excellent chicken wings, horny bought a bucket of KFC, and Dree with his two apple pie.

A: Ming Liang, Michelle, Gigi, and Kerol
B: Horny with his noob hat
C: Damien and Paul

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

As the night goes by, more booze were consumed, and people started to do some funny stuff. I think we finished 6 bottles of liquor, including some vodka, a huge bottle of sake from Terence, and a bottle of bacardi

A: Carolling session abruptly materialised, with Jo, Kerol, Damien, Suan, Terence, Margie, and Anne
B: People hanging out at the balcony. Half of Jamie, Damien, Margie, Saint, and Jo
C: Food and the hungry Chan
D: Hot chicks Reta and Kim

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

By midnight, we started the gift exchange program. Kim got the first number, as she can never learn, she took the biggest gift of all and ended up with a toilet cover! But amazingly fox who had a later number actually wanted it! Was lotsa fun.

A: Kim with the toilet cover
B: Fox took over!
C: ST got a “space age” water bottle
D: Terence got a toilet brush and some hangers

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

Some other friends came over a little later, having attended other parties.

A: Jess, Ji, Jo, and Margie
B: Cass, Terence, Margie, and Jo
C: Kenneth, Fox, Suan, Pam, and Dree
D: Christopher and Kerol

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

The aftermath, the drunks…

A: Fox and Chan sleeping in the living room
B: Kerol was wasted
C: Horng sleeping on the floor, Kwan Wai on the couch
D: Kerol was gone.. can’t even flip herself over on her bed

X'mas Party 2005 at KY

Man of the night, Fox, check this out. Dude puked all over on the living room, lucky he was able to clean the whole shit all by himself. *phew*

A: live action puking shot
B: another puking shot
C: he threw his t-shirt on the puke
D: good boy, clean that shit up

Again, thanks for coming! We should do this every year. Merry X’mas!


So I finally had the chance to go to Bangsar Actor studio to catch up one of my hobbies of old, live staged show. The show was D’Arranged Marriage performed by “Those Indian Guys” from New Zealand, introduced to me by Lenny.

Believe it or not, yours truely used to perform in dramas. I was once the main character, a begger, conspire with the daughter to cheat in a comedy. Another time I was a trishaw rider, and in yet another show I was one of the villians of the monkey god story. That was years ago, with the group “Dramatic Boundary” back in Penang, performing mostly in Mandarin. Strange as it might sound, but people actually PAY to watch us.. ahh.. memory.

Now lets get back to this one. This show has been touring at least since middle of 2004 and been around in different countries, it was the second time they perform in Malaysia.

D’Arranged Marriage tells the story of a young Indian boy called Sanjay who spends most of his life avoiding the issue of an arranged marriage. His nagging family finally gets the better of him but to his surprise he discovers that Neenu, the prospective bride, is the one! Unfortunately ‘the one’ is already dating the village idiot Rundeep…

The show completely blew me away, the whole show was performed by only one guy – Rajeev Varma. He was very lively, taking up 9 or 10 characters, mainly by using different voices and gestures. There were also dancing, playing crickets, and the main character’s parents getting it on, all acted by Rajeev alone. It was hillarious and at the same time, very very impressive. The 57 ringgit spent on the ticket was well worth it.

I don’t think I’ve seen a better live perfomance yet, and will definately make a point to go to the Actor Studio more often.