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Ladies and gentlemen, today yours truly don on chef’s hat and pretend that I know something about cooking. The recipe you are about to read comes from the Southern part of the country that likes to police the world. Yes, that would be U S of A.

We are going to learn about fried okra, on of my all time favorite beer food that isn’t served in any restaurant this side of Pacific.

fried okra ingredients
fried okra ingredients – okra, pepper, salt, egg, milk

First, the ingredients, and they are fairly simple:

  • okra (or lady finger, if you prefer)
  • half a cup of milk
  • one egg
  • a cup of corn flour
  • a tea spoon of salt
  • pepper to taste
  • other spices optional (be imaginative, if you would)

fried okra makes for awesome beer food
fried okra makes for awesome beer food

Then, the steps, this is child’s play in terms of cooking, no post graduate degree in culinary field is required:

  • slice or chop okra into bite size
  • beat the egg, milk, salt, pepper, and corn flour in a mixing bowl till even
  • coat the okra
  • fry till golden brown
  • serve while hot!

This is one yummy snack that goes very well with cold beer, Kilkenny, HeinekenGuinness, anything! I brought this as my contribution to Suan’s xmas eve potluck, and was happy that it was well received. Even master chef Lance liked it, and that is plenty good for me 😀

mimi bacon pizza by Haze
mimi bacon pizza by Haze

Haze came up with this concoction that she called mini bacon pizza. The ingredient’s pretty straight forward:

  • bread
  • bacon (as many slice as you have bread
  • pasta sauce (tomato base)
  • mozzarella  cheese
  • oregano spice


  • flatten the bread (she had somehow forgotten this part then…)
  • spread pasta sauce on bread, then add cheese and oregano
  • carefully lay a strip of that precious bacon on top
  • roll everything up and hold it with a toothpick
  • fry till golden brown (for the health freaks, you can also bake them)

The result certainly did not disappoint either, I liked it a lot too!

clam chowder (Lance), bacon pasta (Suan), roast chicken (Kim), sausage (Horng)
clam chowder (Lance), bacon pasta (Suan), roast chicken (Kim), sausage (Horng)

Lance brought a pot of clam chowder that had uses some sort of bacon stock, it was by far the best clam chowder I’ve ever had! You can actually order it at, I guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied!

Suan cooked up some bacon carbonara that turned out to be the best pasta she’s ever made, Kim too roasted a chicken, very juicy, and tasted plenty awesome right out of her new oven! Horng made some sort of east-meet-west sausage for the potluck.

xmas eve party at Suanie's crib
xmas eve party at Suanie’s crib

The little get-together over xmas eve turned out to be a very gastronomically satisfying event. We had a little bit to drink (there’ll be plenty more for NYE in a few days’ time at Michael’s), and spent the night reliving the old tradition of watching Euro Trip all over again.

So how was your xmas?

A big merry xmas to everyone, and thank you for coming to the party and made this 6th installment of the annual xmas eve party at my humble little place as happening as successful as ever!

Thanks to the power of Robb & Nuffnang, this year we had Heineken sponsoring the house party with plenty of beer, a canopy, and even food (including freshly grilled satey!). Suanie also got her friends from to decorate up the place with plenty of balloons too!

Hence, this year we had the whole works, nice decorations, food, drinks, and even party kits! My house almost looked like a wedding kenduri from far. But it was awesome. 😀

did you notice the satey man?

From the facebook photo album tags, there were over 45 or so people in attendance. There were lot of old faces from previous parties turned up, and quite a few new comers too.

The previous attendees were: Suanie, Kerol, Gareth, Kim, Ahfa, Horng, Yee Hou, Terence, Huey Fang, Hwa Chai, Wei Yi, Michael, Elfie, Rachel, Selina, Tock, Rebecca, Jaime, Janice, Shiang, Wai Meng, Reta, Mohan, Eiling, and Zoe.

New comers include: Haze, Robb, Tim, Audrey, Su Ann, Suet Li, Eric, Jaclyn, Ruby, Nazrul, Richard, San San, Nigel, Li Ling, Thomas, Arthur, Ginny, Desmond, and Vanessa.

Brief encounter: Reta’s bf, Eric, showed up for a bit to pick her up, as with another Wai Meng who had to send Elfie back earlier cos she wasn’t feeling well.

Oh.. and the petrol car came by with a cop, followed by 2 petrol cars some 15 minutes later with 3 friendly police officers asking us to .. tone it down at about 2 something in the morning.

turkey and roast pork for xmas eve dinner

Just before the party got started, the #porkgang actually prepared a nice dinner with a big turkey, a couple kilograms of roast pork, vegetable, bacon pasta, and even butter bread puddings for ourselves. Jaclyn and Kim did most of the cooking while Terence handled the roast pork business, and boy, everything was so delicious!

That got us all ready to roll for the party.

don’t you want to look like a green superhero too?

As usual, most guests came later than the official 8:30pm start time with the exception of a few. Traffic on the day was pretty horrendous too, so I guess that could be served as an excuse of sort.

There were plenty of cold Heinekens to go around, and inside the party pack were some pretty cool costumes too. We had quite a bit of fun with those, until it started to feel a bit too warm to be wearing capes and hats… oh well.

the bong made quite a few ppl sprayed back out its content

Ever the inventer, Terence brought a home-made bong to the party and was trying to convince people to try his concoction via the funnel. I don’t think anyone actually managed to swallow the drinks without at least spilling half of it on the floor.

Absinthe + beer isn’t exactly a very desirable taste, especially when it’s channeling through the pipe directly to your throat, I supposed. Huey Fang and Hwa Chai probably sprayed 90% of it on the floor.

and the gift exchange got started!

We got the gift exchange started by 12 am, right when Super Late Su Ann arrived.

As with every year, everyone draws a number (40 gifts intotal this year), and then system works this way:

  • the person who drew #1 picks a gift from the pile (giver’s names are written on the gifts)
  • #2 onwards gets to hijack one of the opened gifts, or pick from the pile
  • if your gift got hijacked, you get to hijack another one, ad infinitum

we had bak kua, godiva chocolate, tumbler, and even cigarettes *gasp*

The person with the smallest number usually lose out, the one with the biggest number has highest advantage, theoretically speaking anyway.

With the rules in place, there were a lot of gifts exchanging hands (most of the time very reluctantly). It was to the point where we had to start limiting the exchange since some rounds had over 7-8 hijackings.

Haze wasn’t too happy with Penang Asam Laksa, but liked the War Craft

Among the most sought after gifts were a set of banana republic cocktail shaker, a really nice laptop bag, original war craft games, bak kua, Haze’s painting, Starbucks planner, and the geometrical rubik’s cube.

The more unfortunate gifts were adult diapers, giant rubber chicken, tiny toy guitar, and shaver.

The most unorthodox gift was from Yee Hou, a few packets of Asam Laksa he tapau all the way from Penang on the same day!

emotional roller coaster, you thought you get to keep those gifts? hijacked!

The gift exchange took over 1.5 hours to get done, but it was really the highlight of the night, I thought it was very fun!

We continued to party for a little while, and started winding it down after the cops came for the second time. For whatever reasons, these dudes actually cheered when the petrol car showed up for the first time. The party wouldn’t have been complete then I supposed.

Oh, by the way according to his tweet, Yee Hou puked when he got home after drinking only one beer at the party, hohohoho.

Thank you guys for coming and made this an awesome party, lets do it again next year!

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Just like the previous 5 years, I’m hosting another X’mas eve party this year at home, and the sixth annual party has Heineken providing plenty of cold beer for everyone, they’re the sponsor.

This house party thingy is starting to get more ridiculous, awesomesauce!

see? Heineken hat, last year’s good omen came true

Anyway, this year’s theme – GO GREEN!
Everyone is required to wear at least something green, be it a hat, a string, shirt, skirt, bikini (you’re not allowed to swim in the pond), or whatever. There will be certain consequences for those who fails to adhere to this theme, you have been warned.


  • bring a gift worth RM 15 or more
  • wrap it up, and write your own name on it
  • before the gift exchange, every participant is drawn a number
  • lowest number will pick a gift from the pile and open it
  • next number will get to take the opened gift (by then the person who had it will have to choose again), or pick an unopened gift from the pile

Be creative, bring something interesting!

Party usually ends when all the drinks are consumed, or when the cops decided to pay us the 2nd visit.

I have created the event in facebook and started the whole invitation process, slowly (cos there’s limited space at my small house and I am also bad with names). Add me in facebook if you want to join us, I will try to accommodate as much as possible.

For those who received the invitation and still hasn’t responded yet, please do so ASAP.

Past party reports are here. Some of the highlights in previous parties include Kim picking a toilet seat cover for gift, HB showing something nobody really wanted to see, Patrick being drunk silly and fell down everywhere without spilling a drop from his wine glass, and Suan randomly led a group of people into singing really lousy x’mas carol on the street.


First of all, I want to thank everyone for coming and made the fifth installment of our annual Xmas Eve Party a blasting success. There were some 40 people who turned up, quite a few bottles of liquors and wines brought by you, and again, Tuborg sponsored loads of free beer with their beer girl Siao Ling joining the party as well. It was awesome.

Due to the hectic schedule a week (including a trip to Singapore) prior to the party, my housemates and I only managed to put up some minor decoration and set up the place in the last 2 hours. I bought some x’mas lights for my two x’mas trees, reuse the deco, got some snacks, mixers, a Coleman huge ice box filled with ice from 7-11 and we were good to go.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
free Tuborg beer, and lotsa socializing

The party got started at around 9pm with Terence, Chris, and Anthony arriving first. Sheryl, Cindy, and Simon arrived there after, and joined by Eiling, who managed to fetch Huai Bin to my place despite being already 3/4 drunk before the party even got started.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
Erna, Michael, Elfie, Reta, Cindy, KY, Siao Ling, Huai Bin, Mohan, Firdy, Simon

Suan, Alan, and Wei Yi were around when our favorite Tuborg girl Siao Ling showed up with all those beer just as my new ice box was yearning for some attention. We quickly set things up and the party really got started right after that.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
Chan, Huey Fang, Kelvin, Sheryl, Terence, Yee Hou, Aireen, Chris Tock

As the resident alcohol pusher, Terence was doing a fine job ensuring everyone a fair chance to get royally drunk by mixing 2 huge glasses of alcohol laden concoction named Life and Death. Erna was very fortunate to have a few gulps and ended up missing half the party by passionately hugging my gate with a really stoned facial expression. Elfie was embarassed that her fellow Sabahan can’t hold her drinks.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
Naufal, Gareth, Shamsul, AC, Faye, Kim & chef, Adrian, Alan, Wei Yi, Suanie

There were some new faces in this year’s party, Shamsul, AC, Faye, Chris, Anthony, Rebecca, Jenson, Aireen, Daniel, and Debra are friends of friends or people whom I got to know via the blog but never met prior to this party.

Cindy, Selina, Siao Ling, Tock, Yee Hou, Firdy, Huai Bin, Elfie, Michael, Eiling, Erna, and Zoe are certainly are friends who attended the party for the first time. I got to know some of them via blog, random events, and via other friends.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
Chris, Anthony, Zoe, Horng & Eiling, Amanda & Rachel, Enoch & Alice, Jenson, Rebecca, Daniel, Debra, Selina

There are also those who are no stranger to our little yearly celebration, Reta, Naufal, Nicholas, Alan, Adrian, Rachel, Kelvin, and Mohan all came to the party at least once before.

Then there is the group of my closest friends who were here since the get go. My housemate Horng, Suanie, Gareth, Kim, Huey Fang and Chan, and Terence. I am glad that my exgf Sheryl was able to make it after being away in Europe for post graduate studies for the past two years.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
some of the more embarassing gift exchange moments

We didn’t actually have a dress theme this year. Instead, the legendary gift exchange has a little twist in it: It has to be something you can wear, and you must wear it after opening. This idea came from Horng, blame him if you were one of the victims.

Some of the more messed up gifts include a purple bra (I hope the size fits you, Elfie), disposable undearwear, a few boxes of condoms (Huai Bin wore one in public, scaring off all the girls), numerous underwear, socks & stockings, headgear, and lipsticks. The gift exchange was pretty intense, very dangerous.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
the Heineken hat exchanged hands 5 times, stupid Michael!

The most saught after gift item was this Heineken hat brought by Michael. The hat was snatched up 5 times and ended up back to Michael just because Elfie wanted it (that’s wh4, stupid Michael). I think we should make it a rule that you can’t pick your own gift next year onwards.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
some of the things people do when they are slightly influenced

Things got a little wilder after the gift exchange session as the blood alcohol mixture gets a bit out of hand for a few people. There’s this particular “Patrick” who can’t seem to walk properly and ended up passed out all over the place. The best thing was he kept saying “careful! careful! the earth is moving” and “are you guys ok?” everytime right before he passed out. Patrick is seen sleeping in two places with “James” sitting in both places in the collage above.

There were also some toe licking actions by Faye and Huai Bin, Siao Ling was, tragically, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The party was great, and it was only appropriate that we had to end it after the cops came at 3:30am saying we were a bit too loud. Some of us then headed to Ming Tien for an early morning breakfast where Rachel promptly vomit out the wan tan mee after consumption. I think she was eager to join Patrick and James as the third person to throw up.

Again, thanks for coming, Merry Christmas and see you guys next year!

More incriminating photos can be found on facebook.
KY’s album 1, album 2, album 3
Suanie’s album
Horng’s album 1, album 2
Reta’s album
Kim’s album

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s December, it’s rainy, gloomy, it floods, we have landslides, economy downturns.. but every cloud has a silver lining, the X’mas eve party is coming again. This has been an annual affair ever since I moved into this humble little house, this 24th marks the 5th time we’re doing this, and you have been invited! (via facebook, of course)

X'mas Eve Party 2008 invite

The party will be on the 24th Dec 2008 starting from 9pm till the last person leaves (or fall asleep in my living room.) Drinks and perhaps light snacks will be provided but please have your dinner first just in case you need something to puke from the over consumption of alcohol while having too much fun. Super heavy drinkers are welcome to contribute more alcohol as well.

And for those who aren’t particularly familiar with the format of the party, please spare a few minutes of your reading time and let me tell you how the gift exchange system works.

  • bring a gift worth RM 10 or more
  • it must be something you can wear, seal the gift
  • before the gift exchange, every participant is drawn a number
  • lowest number will pick a gift from the pile and open it
  • next number will get to take the opened gift (by then the person who had it will have to choose again), or pick an unopened gift from the pile

Hence, the person who is drawn the biggest number will have the liberty to see all opened gifts except one. It’s really fun and gifts can exchange hands many times as they are snatched from people with bigger numbers.

Horny is the one who came up with the “something you can wear” idea. Blame him.

Some ideas: thongs, bermuda, gloves, hat, sunglasses, spare tire, cape. Be creative!

Respond to the facebook invite and see you here! 😀


On a semi related note, please help Huai Bin win a party!

X'mas Eve Party 2008 invite

The dude is running this F&N Free Party contes, visit his blog and help out this clean shaven boy who can’t follow driving instructions.