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If there’s a week that Thai food should be in focus, this week might as well be it. There is no particular reason for this, as there isn’t a good reason that it usually rains just when you get ready to leave work for home.

Anyway, we moved up to Penang, and check out this small little Thai restaurant called Ghee Seng that is situated at Weld Quay, a place I am very familiar with having spent big part of my life growing up at my late grandma’s place right here.

Ghee Seng Thai restaurant, a modest shop lot at Pangkalan Weld
Ghee Seng Thai restaurant, a modest shop lot at Pangkalan Weld

According to my sister, who also happens to be a lover of all things spicy and sour  (ie: at the cross hair of that is tomyam), Ghee Seng restaurant serves one of the best white tomyam there is this side of Penang island. So after a karaoke session (more about this later) with my sister, brother, and Haze, we made our way to this familiar old neighborhood for dinner.

Parking at the area can be a little bit tricky, but isn’t anything that a determined mind can’t solve. The restaurant is situated at the ground level of a residential high rise, and can be best described as “old school”. That being said, the place is relatively clean and comfortable.

clear soup tomyam, kung pao mantis prawn
clear soup tomyam, kung pao mantis prawn

For the four of us, we ordered four dishes to share.

First was a big bowl of clear soup seafood tomyam, and over here the tomyam is made with fresh ingredients you can actually see (and chew if you like). There’s ample amount of chili padi, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, garlic, galangal roots, diced garlic, and lime juice making up the soup. It was spicy, original, and because it is the clear soup type – a lot less oily.

We counted over half a dozen decent size prawns, squid, and chunks of fish meat making up the edible ingredients. It was really a very good bowl of tomyam.

The kungpao style mantis prawn was probably the most expensive dish of the night, but it was also positively delicious. This is one dish that needs to be consumed in a hurry. Leave it a little too long and you lose the crunchiness from the deep fried mantis prawns. The kungpao sauce is top notch.

kailan ikan masin, "siam bak" or Thai style pork belly
kailan ikan masin, “siam bak” or Thai pork belly, KY, Melisa, Win Sern, Haze

Another pretty rare dish here is what they called “Siam Bak“, literally Thai meat in Hokkien. It is actually deep fried sliced pork belly topped with chopped shallots, chili padi, and salad. This is a combination of flavor from pork belly, freshness of shallots, and the kick from chili padi. I like it.

Lastly, there’s the customary vegetable, and again we ordered kailan with ikan masin. It was a decent complimentary dish, nothing to shout about.

Other than being a commendable Thai restaurant, two other things stand out for me. Firstly, the first dish was served less than 5 minutes after we made our order, and within some 10 minutes, we have everything already. Lastly, the whole meal for four of us only came to be RM 60 even, and this includes a rather big bowl of tomyam seafood and a mantis prawn dish (known for being pricey). My sister mentioned that usual bill is about RM 30-50 for 4.


map to Ghee Seng Thai restaurant at Weld Quay, Penang

Ghee Seng Thai restaurant
BLK 123-G-06, Wisma KGN,
Jalan Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay),
10300 Penang
GPS: 5.410566, 100.336284
Tel: 016-498 8325, 012-480 8266
Hours11 am – 3 pm, 6 pm – 1 am (Closed Wednesday)

biggest karaoke room
this karaoke room is a bit massive for 4 person right?

As mentioned earlier, we went to karaoke at 1st Avenue’s Red Box prior to this dinner. Because we could only get 2 hours in the normal room, the front desk officer at Red Box asked if we would like to occupy the VIP room for additional RM 80 so that we could enjoy 4-5 hours of singing.

We agreed, and was shocked at the room given. It was literally big enough to play badminton in (if only the ceiling is tall enough). The screen is massive, and there’s even Wii and another LCD TV on the side for kids.

We had a blast trying our best to have a sore throat from 3 – 9 pm.

Gong Xi Fa Cai and wish you have a happy and prosperous Rabbit year!

It’s been a tradition of sort for my family to come over to KL from Penang every year over CNY since 6-7 years ago. This is partly to avoid the crazy traffic in Penang (and the commute), plus I suspect, maybe giving mom a chance in having real Klang Bak Kut Teh at least once a year. 😀

Kedai Makanan Nan Sian, Klang
Kedai Makanan Nan Sian, Klang

So on the third day of Chinese New Year we drove all the way to Klang in search for any bak kut teh restaurant that’s open for business.

After the Klang toll and turning back into Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, there was Kedai Makanan Nan Sian. Incidentally, we also came here some 6-7 years ago at about the same time for BKT, with my late dad then, as my mom recalled. It has been that long.

dry and soup bak kut teh, klang style
dry and soup bak kut teh, klang style

While we only had the soup BKT on the first visit, there’s dry bak kut teh to go along with the more traditional soup version this time around. For those who have been sleeping over the last 5 years or so, dry bak kut teh has since taken on major stride and available at many major BKT outlets these days.

The dry version is rumored to have made popular by Lai Choon Klang BKT, not far from Nan Sian.

two types of bak kut teh, with chinese tea, of course
two types of bak kut teh, with chinese tea, of course

The dry version over here is as good as any, with plenty of sliced okra, dried chili, and I suspect, a little bit of dried cuttle fish to add to the taste. It was flavorful and intense.

The soup version is proto typical Klang style, very herbal, thick, sticky, and with a big pork bone in the middle of the clay pot too. We had it with pork knuckle, 3-layer meat, pork tripe, intestine, a bit of mushroom, tofu, fu chok, and that slice of lettuce (mostly for decoration). If you like them old school Klang BKT, you can’t go wrong with this one.

mom, brother, KY, Haze
mom, brother, KY, Haze

The satisfying lunch came to about RM 11 or so per person, and we left happy with full stomach. I should go to more Klang BKT places

map to Kedai Makanan Nan Sian

Kedai Makanan Nan Sian
No 145, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama,
41300 Klang, Selangor

GPS: 3.05375, 101.46694
Tel: 016-297 2489

A few weeks ago, my younger brother drop by my place when he was in KL for some convention/seminar/boring events some weeks ago to give me a 3 packets of happiness tightly sealed in plastic bags, and a big cylindrical can of this strange looking snack that looks like very tiny potato chips.

Romulo's garlic chips with chili
say hello to my younger brother!

The generic pack of pork rind tasted just as good as any that I’ve had, super crunchy, slightly salty, and absolutely addictive. Since I had 3 packs, I gave one away to Kim my fellow #porkgang member. It is also her birthday today so I guess that packet of pork is now considered her be-earliered birthday present. 😛

For the uninformed, pork rind (or pork cracklings, scratchings, check wiki entry) is basically deep fried cured pork skin. It’s the best snack any Atkin diet followers could get, and contrary to popular misconception, pork rind actually contains more protein and less fat (since it’s deep fried to crunchy) than your usual chips!

Suan, Gareth, Kim, and Ringo
Suanie, Gareth, Kim, and Ringo noming away

While pork rind was already one of my favorite snacks of all time, I didn’t know a thing about this little chips – Romulo’s garlic chips with chili!

It’s basically very thinly sliced garlic that’s marinated with a good dosage of chili, deep fried, and sprinkled with more spices and chili powder when done (based on pure speculation).

The end product is spicy, extremely fragrant, and absolutely vampire proof. If you find this anywhere around here, let me know, or if you’re going to pinoyland anytime soon…. get some for me! (and suan too, read her post!)

Mine is running out, I’m gonna miss the garlic chips. Might even need to make some myself once the kitchen is done. Warghhhhh!