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Back in late 2015 I was involved in The Star R.AGE food fight competition, it was one of the highlights of my online writing career to stand along the likes of Chef Wan & Chef Darren Chin as one of judges of the cooking competition. One of the finalists of the competition was Ahong Yeang, who was already running a small restaurant at University Hospital then.

Sometimes around Q3 21017, Ahong moved on from his previous joint and opened Grub by Ahong & Friends at Seksyen 17. I finally visited a couple weeks ago.

Grub by Ahong & Friends, Petaling Jaya, Seksyen 17
Grub by Ahong & Friends, Petaling Jaya, Seksyen 17

Grub by Ahong & Friends is located at the small rows of shops right behind Happy Mansion (possibly the birthplace of hipster food in PJ?). Parking can sometimes be a bit challenging for those who can’t walk more than a couple dozen steps, but alas, the walk back to the car after a good meal can be a healthy exercise.

Grub serves a selection of Western dishes at very reasonable prices. The restaurant itself is minimalist but comfortable, with a few tables and open kitchen at the ground floor, and more seating area upstairs. Yes, there’s air conditioning.

beet root salad & wine
beet root salad & wine

To keep prices low, Ahong came up the system of ordering by pencil & paper as well as self-serviced drinks you pick up from the counter where you also find cutlery, plates, and glasses. Corkage is RM 7 per pax but if you spare a glass for the good chef then that is waived. Grub also carries a small selection of wine.

We started the night with beet root salad (RM 13.50) that came with roasted beetroot, fresh fruits, feta cheese, rockets, honey, and nuts. A simple mesh up that leaves me wanting more.

local seafood bouillabaisse, wagyu steak
local seafood bouillabaisse, wagyu steak

For main I picked steak, the picture above is wagyu rump, wagyu ribeye is priced at RM 145 but they ran out that night. Again another spot on execution with no fuss and great ingredients.

My partner in crime picked the local seafood bouillabaisse (RM 25) which is served with grilled white fish, clams, squid & prawns in lightly spiced seafood soup with pasta & sourdough bun. A comforting dish if you’re looking for something lighter. Also their sourdough bun was actually very good as well.

carrot cake, chocolate tart, fruits in ice, Ahong
carrot cake, chocolate tart, fruits in ice, Ahong

We rounded up dinner with carrot cake (RM 10) and chocolate tart (RM 12), and were also served Grub’s signature fresh fruits in tear-drop ice that is on the house.

Overall it was a great no-fuss dining experience. We ended up spending another couple hours chatting with Ahong until his staffs lowered the shop grill half way. Fantastic night and will definitely go again.

map to Grub by Ahong & Friends

grub by Ahong & Friends menu grub by Ahong & Friends menu 2 
grub by Ahong & Friends menu 3
 grub by Ahong & Friends menu 4

Grub by Ahong & Friends
608, Jalan 17/10, Seksyen 17,
Petaling Jaya, 46400 Selangor
GPS3.122187, 101.635438
Tel016-923 2983

Hidden within SS3 there exist a couple rows of shop houses that is away from the busier part of of the housing area, and at the corner of row of shop there is a kopitiam with a pretty funky name of Restaurant Pom Pom (also a name of an island at Sabah). Within this restaurant is a small stall called A&Z Western Food, and that’s our destination for dinner a few weeks ago.

update 26/3/2015: apparently this stall has moved, I don’t have the new location, if you do, please leave a comment

A&Z western food at restaurant Pom Pom
A&Z western food at restaurant Pom Pom

While there are more famous Malaysian Western food even within SS3 itself (those nearby Shell petrol station), this one is pretty special. For starter, it is non halal and actually serves pork. The menu also includes fish, chicken, lamb, sausage, and mushroom soup.

The place actually reminds me of Freddy Western at Restaurant Millenium 86 in PJ, which sadly is no longer in operation.

pork chop, deep fried chicken chop, fish and chips
pork chop, chicken cordon bleu, fish and chips

For dinner, we tried their pork chop (RM 10), chicken cordon bleu (RM 12), grilled chicken with black pepper sauce (RM 9), and fish and chips (RM 9).

While the pork chop turns out just a little dry (easily fixed with a bit of sauce), the other dishes we ordered were all pretty good. The grilled chicken was flavorful, chicken cordon bleu very crispy on the outside and goes well with the mushroom sauce, and there were no complains from the fish and chips.

Haze approved the Western food here, the mash potato's pretty good
Haze approved the Western food here, the mash potato’s pretty good

The most interesting thing about this place though must be the way mashed potato is prepared here. They’re shaped in little balls and coated with some type of sauce, I guess that makes it slightly healthier and less oily than fries, and at the same time they taste quite good as well.

For no frills Malaysian style Western food, this is a place I don’t mind going back again and again.

map to pom pom restaurant at PJ SS3

A&Z Western Food
Restaurant Pom Pom
Jalan SS3/64
Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor
GPS3.09667, 101.61317
Hours: lunch and dinner daily

The folks that brought you the first taste of Croation food in Malaysia with Dubrovnik at Mont Kiara (closed this year) is now operating one of the new outfits at the recently revamped Life Centre – Amadeus Bistro and Wine Bar.

Update: this place is permanently closed

Amadeus at Life Centre
Amadeus at Life Centre, check out the wine dispenser

With Mozart playing at the back ground and the tastefully decorated interior, the bistro gives diner a feel of European dining experience, complete by the lovely proprietor – Dina Djumic. The illusion is perfect other than when Dina starts speaking in Malaysian …

Anyway, lets get on to the food. We were invited for the grand opening of Amadeus as well as a food review session a week after to sample some of their unique dishes, hosted by the super friendly Dina.

Spring River's Duck Terrine, Ahmed’s Mediterranean Bruschetta, Gustav’s Cured Norwegian Salmon, Fresh Mussel Rockafella
Spring River’s Duck Terrine, Ahmed’s Mediterranean Bruschetta,
Gustav’s Cured Norwegian Salmon, Fresh Mussel Rockafella

We started out the night by sharing a few appetizers.

The Spring River’s Duck Terrine (RM 24) was a unique introduction to Amadeus’ food. Duck meat emulsified with fat and pressed together with a few other ingredients almost like pate but much coarser in texture. A little sourish and savory at the same time, a dish that takes a little getting used to but I found myself enjoying it quite a bit.

Ahmed’s Mediterranean Bruschetta (RM 16) is something a lot more familiar to the Malaysian taste buds.Grilled capsicum, onions and aubergine topped with melted fetta cheese. The accompanying dips made it complete.

Gustav’s Cured Norwegian Salmon, Ahmed’s Mediterranean Bruschetta, Spring River's Duck Terrine
Gustav’s Cured Norwegian Salmon, Ahmed’s Mediterranean Bruschetta, Spring River’s Duck Terrine

Fresh Mussel Rockafella (RM 22) is prepared by baking half shell mussels with garlic parsley and bread crumbs. The dish comes with a bit of salad to clean your palette too.

Then there’s Gustav’s Cured Norwegian Salmon (RM 26), cured with citrus and vodka, then wrapped around a chunk of dill cream cheese. The side of salad with vodka and citrus dressing was almost like a cross between Thai and Russian, I’m not sure if I liked it, but the salmon was excellent.

Highlander’s Wild Portabella Soup
Highlander’s Wild Portabella Soup and Manhattan Seafood Chowder

We sampled the Highlander’s Wild Portabella Soup (RMM 16) as well as the Manhattan Seafood Chowder (RM 16). Both were thick, creamy, and full of flavor. The side of baguette toast made them even better.

The mushroom soup was easily one of the bests I’ve had, on par with the one at Favola.  Seafood chowder held up on its own as well, it could probably use a bit more seafood chunks, but at RM 16 a pop you can’t really ask for more.

Rack of Lamb, Schmikel’s Duck Confit
Carlos’ Secret Lamb Rack, Schmikel’s Duck Confit

Our first couple of main dishes were Carlos’ Secret Lamb Rack and Schmikel’s Duck Confit.

The lamb sat on top of a generous portion of smashed potato that looked equally as good as it tasted. They didn’t over cooked the meat either, retaining the juice that makes lamb rack such a delicious dish, we practically chew it down to the bones.

Duck confit though, was pretty average to me. It failed to impress and I thought the meat was just slightly too dry for my liking. The risotto accompanying the duck makes it a full meal.

Hungarian Goulash, Seafood Pasta, Simone’s Fish-e-Tarian Friend
Hungarian Goulash, Seafood Pasta, Simone’s Fish-e-Tarian Friend

Zoran’s Homestyle Beef Goulash (RM 32) was one of my favorite dishes of the night. Tender stew beef with full flavor “sauce” seasoned with paprika and other spices, serves with the same excellent smashed potato too. It was awesome, fittingly the national dish of Hungary.

The pastas served at Amadeus were pretty decent as well, we tried their seafood pasta and another spaghetti dish with a big chunk of perfectly seared salmon on top. These were pretty good pastas for those who prefers the more familiar tastes.

Red Velvet Cake, Yellow Lemon Cheesecakes
Red Velvet Cake, Yellow Lemon Cheesecakes , baked by Dina herself

Desserts at Amadeus are baked by Dina herself. We tried her Red Velvet Cake, Yellow Lemon Cheesecakes, and Sachertorte.These were some of the most delicious cakes, and I suspect mainly due to the fact that they are freshly baked on location everyday. Don’t miss them if you have any stomach spaces left.

Ciki, Shah, KY, Suan, Eiling, Haze (over 2 visits)
Ciki, Shah, KY, Suan, Eiling, Haze (over 2 visits)

As the name suggest, Amadeus Bistro & Wine bar has a full bar and serves cocktails as well as a good selection of wine. They also have a handy wine dispenser that allows easy tasting and ordering of wine by glasses. I took the opportunity to have a couple glasses of Riesling to go with dinner.

some of the foods during the launch of Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar
some of the foods during the launch of Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar

We had a great time at Amadeus with excellent food and even better company. I believe this place will be a success, the menu and prices are right, and it is a pretty good location especially for office execs looking for a good dinner & happy hour to some time during rush hours. That being said, it is also a place you should check out over the weekends if you’re looking for that bit of Eastern European flair.

I’m sure we’ll return.

map to Life Centre, KL

Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar
Life Centre,
No.20 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.15378, 101.70870
Tel: 03-2162 2788

When adopted by a different culture and people, food often gets adapted as well. Bit by bit, the authenticity gets assimilated to the local taste, and after decades, you get something that bears very little resemblance to its origin. This however, does not mean that the end product is necessarily inferior.

Two such cases on the opposite sides of the world are Chinese food in US, and western food here in Malaysia. You can’t find General Tso’s chicken (my fav!) in a traditional Chinese restaurant here, nor can you order chicken chop with Hailam sauce in Washington DC.

Update 27/10/2013: The owner has sold this stall, it is no longer Freddy Western 

Freddy Western Food at Restaurant Millenium 86
Freddy Western Food at Restaurant Millenium 86

Which brings us to today’s topic, Freddy Western Food, comes with awesomesauce, literally.

We discovered this stall by chance one day when Kerol ordered chicken chop from this stall that looked surprisingly… clean. Her verdict was very positive, and if Kerol said it is good, it must be, she’s got one of the fussiest tongues among the gang.

pork chop, chicken chop, lamb chop
pork chop with hailam sauce, chicken chop with mushroom sauce,
pork chop with mushroom sauce, lamb chop with black pepper sauce

A couple nights ago we headed over to give this place an introduction to Suanie since she just got hit by a chicken chop phase (to go along with her Teow Chew porridge and pan mee phase concurrently)

I had the pork chop with hailam sauce (RM 9),  Haze ordered lamb chop with pepper sauce (RM 9.50), Horng had pork chop with mushroom sauce (RM 9), and Suanie, of course, ordered chicken chop with mushroom sauce (RM 8.50).

While the pork could be just a bit juicier (due to the cut, I think), the sauce was really, really good. Good enough to overcome the slight dryness of the meat. Suan was very happy with her chicken chop, as does Haze with her lamb chop that came with a bit of bone marrow too.

There’s another secret under the meat – mash potato with freshly fried bacon chips. The little touch really made the dish yummy max!

Horng, Suan, Haze, and KY
Horng, Suan, Haze, and KY

While there are other more famous Western Food stalls such as those in SS3 near Shell petrol station, this is the first one of this kind that I found worthy of a blog post. Give it a try, I think they serve pretty good spaghetti too!

map to Restaurant Millenium 86 at Sea Park
map to Restaurant Millenium 86 at Sea Park

Restaurant Mellenium Eighty Six
Jalan 20/22,
Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.108099, 101.623983

I guess this whole food thing is starting to run in the family. My sister became the restaurant manager at Roadhouse Grill Gurney (Penang) just a few months ago, so naturally I had go to there to taste the food, snaps some photos, and tell you guys all about this place!

edit: This place has since closed down (7 April 2013)

Roadhouse Grill at Gurney Hotel, Penang
My sister the restaurant manager at Roadhouse Grill

Before I start, lets just give you a good news. By mentioning that you read about this place from this blog, or telling my sister (Mei Fang) that you know me, she will give you a 10% discount on the bill (only in Penang branch). Just like that, now isn’t that great?

As the name suggests, Roadhouse Grill specialized in no nonsense American food. Main dishes come with some excellent yeast rolls baked fresh everyday on location. The warm roll with lotsa butter is really addictive.

Roadhouse Grill at Gurney Hotel, Penang
nachos, yeast roll, (golden) fish and chips

Plenty of peanuts is served at every table despite what you order. The best thing is, you can just throw all the shells on the floor and let the waiters do the cleaning later. My sister won’t mind at all since she said she doesn’t need to clean them, and it’s sort of a Roadhouse style anyway. The peanuts do go very well with cold beer.

Roadhouse Grill at Gurney Hotel, Penang
bbq onion burger, roadhouse burger, teriyaki chicken, black pepper chicken

I have tasted a few dishes here, the ribs, fish and chips, teriyaki chicken, and nachos. So far the dishes were all rather tasty, and the nachos really up to par with what I had when I was in the states. Plenty of cheese and actual Jalopeno peppers! The fish used for fish and chips are sourced at local markets (with the help of my mom), so I know they are actually fresh and not some stuff that are frozen for months.

Roadhouse Grill at Gurney Hotel, Penang
kid’s menu, endless peanuts, and my gang in Penang

Rest assure that quality control, as far as food goes, is pretty good in my family. My sister will not disappoint you with the dishes at the restaurant she is managing. The menu is pretty extensive, you can dishes from mouth watering burgers to juicy steaks to pizzas and pastas here. The interior resembles a cowboy bar and there are tables outdoor as well, a pretty nice set up.

map to Roadhouse Grill at Gurney Hotel, Penang
Roadhouse Grill is situated right at Gurney Hotel

Price wise, it is actually pretty reasonable. Entrees are from RM16.90 and there’s even kids menu (like the howlin hotdog on the picture for only RM5.90). Set lunch goes for RM 17++ with an entree, soup, coffee or tea. Pretty good deal for the quality of food served.

Give it a try!

18-G-E Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang

GPS: 5.430192, 100.318887
Tel: 04-370 1872