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When it comes to property website, is no stranger to most anyone who’s spent some time looking for their next house, apartment, or condominium. In fact, it was one most definitely one of my most-used website when we were looking for a new house a few years ago.

iProperty Website

To me, the best feature of iProperty has got to be their search by map function, which makes searching for a place so much easier. As they say, real estate is all about location, location, location, right?

iProperty Award banner

Well, other than location, it also helps to know which are the award winning properties, so you get a little extra in terms of recognition and additional selling point for the property you have your eyes on. For this, enter People’s Choice Awards – the most prestigious real estate award for property developers, as voted by home buyers and consumers. In another word, by the public, by us, the most important cog in the wheel of real estate development.

There are 13 award categories this year. They are:

  1. Developer Of The Year
  2. Best Emerging Developer
  3. Best International Developer
  4. Best Township Development
  5. Best Mixed Development
  6. Best Waterfront Development
  7. Best Residential Landed Development
  8. Best Residential High-Rise Development
  9. Best Luxury High-Rise Development
  10. Best Northern Development
  11. Best Southern Development
  12. Best Green Development
  13. Best Value Development

Since it is the People’s Choice Awards, you are the ones who actually get to decide who are the winners (in 2015, the awards gathered over 20,000 votes!)

iProperty Award Gala Dinner

This award is in its third year and it promises to be one of the most recognised and credible property industry awards in the country. By voting for the People’s Choice Awards, you stand a chance to walk away with attractive prizes worth over RM 20,000!

Cast your vote now at by clicking the Vote Now tab, sign in with FB or iProperty account, and stand a chance to win the following:

  • 2 x (2 Day 1 Night stay at KL Hilton vouchers worth RM 700 each)
  • Sharp 32″ TV
  • 10 (25L of Dulux Pentalite paint cans)
  • 11″ Macbook Air
  • Khind Noodle Cooker
  • Khind Jug Kettle
  • Khind Bread Toaster & more

Here’s how you vote:

First, log into and click Vote Now


Then, sign in with your iProperty account, if you do not have one, you can create one by using Facebook Connect. You then can update your phone number.


Go through each category and click on the nominated developers on top left, descriptions and more information will show up on the center graphic and right panel. Click on Vote for Us button to select your choice.

Go through each category (3 pages in total) to cast your votes

You get to review your selections one last time before submitting the final results. Choose wisely! All done. Now, it’s your turn to vote!

The voting period ends on November 11th, 11.59pm 2016, so don’t miss out! Vote now –

Winners of the consumer voting campaign will be announced via main social channels – FB / Google+, Twitter & Instagram no later than Nov 28th, 2016. Be sure to follow’s social media channels to see if you are a winner.

I woke up at 7 something this morning, even earlier than the usual working days. I showered and freshened up, took my trusted Canon 400D and went to the polling station just a couple kilometers away from my house. It was going to be my first time voting. I was as anxious as the first day of school.

find out your stream here

Fittingly, the polling station is at a school. There were already quite a number of people when I reached the station. I went to the checking station to find out that which stream I will be casting my ballot. It was a pretty fast process.

waiting in line, election 2008
waiting in line

There were lines everywhere but the situation was in order and everyone behaved rather well. No shouting, no chantings, it was very quiet, and the process proceed without a hitch.

waiting in reflection, election 2008
waiting in reflection, election 2008

When it was my turn, I gave the lady my IC. My IC number and my name was announced for checking, and I was given 2 tickets to put my precious crosses in. I duly did so and carefully put them in the ballot boxes. I’ve done my part.

register here, election 2008
register and get your tickets

Before leaving the station, I talked to a policeman and thank him for doing his part. He was friendly and even posed for this photo. We do have a future, don’t we?

smile, you
smile, you’re on camera!

As I walked towards my car, I took this photo of expired banners and buntings with fellow voters leaving the station upon fulfilling their duty. I can’t help but be anxious for the result tonight.

If you are registered but haven’t voted yet, please do so. As of writing you still have 5 hours.

More photos at my flickr set.

Every 4-5 years, we, Malaysians, will get to decide where the country is heading for the next term.

I am ashame to say that although I am a qualified voter since 2 terms ago, this is only the first time I am going to cast my ballot. I have SK to thank for bringing me to the Postal office for registration last September.

I was in the States and thus not able to vote on the 10th General Election. 4 years ago, there was the feel good factor, coupled with my laziness to register as a voter that prevented me from doing my part in this country. This year, I am doing it, and my vote will count.

I have slowly realized that the voting is not only a right, but a responsibility. A responsibility we shall honor for the sake of our countrymen and our motherland. Like it or not, I am born in this country and this is my home, I have a responsibility for her well being. I need to do my bit.

There are a few categories of people whom aren’t going to vote for one reasons or another. Some are too lazy, some don’t care, and some scared of the repercussions they might get if they vote against the power that be. Whatever your reason is, I respect your decision, but I might not be in agreement with you. It is sad to see people succumbed to the class bully, the scare tactic should not be effective in a democracy.

To those who will be voting, let our voice be heard.

Whoever you are going to vote for, vote wisely, vote for someone whom you think can give you a voice, can represent you, and can help move our country back to the right direction for I am saddened to see that she is veering a little off course now.

I will be very anxious this weekend.

remember remember, 8th of March
ballots, flyers, but no ink
to the casting stations let us rush
and let the real representative wins..

Last weekend we headed to Kampung Baru in KL to capture some election colors. On the side note, election is this weekend, please do vote and vote wisely. The worse thing you can do is to give up the most basic of our democratic right. I am ashamed to say that this would be the first time I go to the ballet box due to being overseas and so on, but it’s a start. Assess the candidates and parties carefully, and make your choice, every vote counts.

As it turned out, I only managed to snap something like a roll of pictures before the rain pours, but here goes:

colour imbalance
Color Imbalance

It was also one of Kim’s first photography trips and I must say she has an eye for this thing! Check out her post on the trip.

The whole area was filled with banners, mostly of the ruling party and some of the opposition. It is sad to say that in this country, we still have to resort to putting candidates of the same race (and sometimes same sex) against each other. But hopefully change to the better is on the way.

Stare Cock
Stare Cock

Colors of the Campaign
If I vote for you, will you buy me a motorbike?

Kampung Baru is one of the very few real kampungs left in the city of KL. Located just a stone’s throw away from the bustling KLCC, here you find people living a much simpler life. With roosters still roaming the streets and houses built just good enough to have a shade under the sun and rain.

welcome to my house
Welcome to my Home

For the old folks, evening is spent chilling with friends and having a good time. No sense of urgency, no rushing for deadlines, no hunting for more gold.

relax and laughters
Relax and Laughters

In a city with more toll ways than rivers, many folks here still rely on motorcycles and bicycles as their primary transport, getting them from A to B. Of course, there is also an LRT station just around the corner transporting them to a very different world just a single station away. It is truly a time machine more than an underground tube.

Clinging On
Clinging On

Kampung folks are also usually a lot friendlier. I took the opportunity to snap a picture of this chubby kid at the restaurant. I think he was confused, this is the world he lives in, we are the visitors.

The boy will grow up to inherit the country from our generation, and it is us that must make a choice to give them what they deserve.

What’re you looking at?

I hope you enjoy this series. Thank you for viewing.

That’s right, I registered to be a voter! After all, it was only a day short of 50th Merdeka, and I figure it’s about time I fulfill my civic duty to participate in this democratic process. I’ve already missed a couple elections when I was in the States, even though I was old enough to vote.

Thanks to the young and almost influential blogger SK Thew who actually drove me to the post office to finally get this done. Coincidentally, FA also did the same thing one day prior to me!

It’s about time to do it too if you haven’t register yourself to be a voter already. The process is simple and fast, took me only a few minutes at the post office. Do note that it takes 3 months to be effective (as a way to prevent voter movements, or something)

Register for Malaysian Election
finally registered as a voter!

p/s: Wikipedia actually has a good entry on elections in Malaysia.