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If you have been following this blog, you will suspect that I am mostly a meat person, since this is the first vegetarian food posts, of the 142 done thus far. Truth of the matter is not that I don’t love my vegetables, but rather I have always maintain that we should get our greens served as what they are, not disguised as some fake chicken, fish, or meat… and then I was somehow convinced by this joker to go to Kuan Yin restaurant.

Kuan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant, PJ Seksyen 17
mat salleh loving the char siu

As the name of the restaurant suggests, this place serves Chinese vegetarian food. Not only all the food are prepared with non meat ingredients, neither garlic nor onion are used, this is to satisfy the “rules” of the “religious” vegetarian practiced in this country.

However, if you look at the menu, you will find many titles of meat dishes. All of these dishes are, of course, made from non meat ingredients. Funny isn’t it? How can anyone claim to be a vegetarian but eats dishes that tastes exactly like meat? (my main reason of not visiting vegetarian restaurants)

Kuan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant, PJ Seksyen 17
there is no meat here

For dinner, the four of us ordered a fried vegetable with clear sauce, “mutton” curry, Thai style “chicken”, “Char Siu” with mantou, and a radish soup (free).

To my surprise, the food were actually good. The chicken was a bit “fake”, but tasted decent nonetheless. The mutton curry tasted like very tender mutton, and the curry sauce was great, I had no idea how they can prepare it without using onion and garlic but still maintain the aroma and taste of curry that we are accustomed to.

Kuan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant, PJ Seksyen 17
ahhh, the imitation char siu… slurps

The best dish of the day though, was the Char Siu with mantao. They were in fact, better than most the REAL char siu I have tasted in my life. I will go back there just to have this particular dish.

The bill came to be slightly less than RM 20 per person. Pretty good value considering how much other places charge for similar dishes.

Kuan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant, PJ Seksyen 17
so now you know how to get to seksyen 17

I would not recommend a religious vegetarian to have fake meat and chicken as I think that is principally wrong, but this is an excellent place to bring your Muslim friends to have a taste of Chinese food.

1084 Jalan 17/29
Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya
46400 Selangor

GPS: 3.129230, 101.635353
Tel: 03-7957 4528