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Pork tripe soup (猪肚汤) is among one of the harder to find dishes at the everyday Malaysian kopitiam, though a pretty common item in a traditional home cooked dinner during festive seasons. It is the dish that my mom always for worshipping the ancestors on the various semi-religious “anniversaries”.

猪肚汤 pork tripe soup at USJ
traditional dish at old school kopitiam

When my housemate suggested we go to Weng Soon Jaya (新永顺茶餐室)at USJ 17 to have the pork tripe soup, I was eager to try it. The restaurant is of a normal kopitiam set up, with over half a dozen stalls offering familiar dishes such as chicken rice and wantan mee. The stall taht offers pork tripe soup was easy enough to spot as it was the busiest.

Most of us ordered the pork tripe soup, but another friend who doesn’t take innards chose to have their soya sauce pork (豆油肉) which also come with hard boiled egg.

The pork tripe soup has a very strong white pepper taste, which is a common feature of this dish, however, the pepper did not overpower the sweetness of the soup. The tripe itself was nicely done to an easy-to-chew texture and wasn’t over cooked. Chicken feet was also used as an ingredient to further enhance the taste of the soup, the fusion of the two ingredients resulted a very flavorful soup indeed.

猪肚汤 pork tripe soup at USJ
I did not leave a single drop of soup

The soya sauce pork was very nice as well. The gravy wasn’t too salty and the cutting of the pork was from the slightly fatty but most delicious belly area. A hard boil egg and few slices of fresh cucumber makes up the rest of the dish.

Each dishes was close to RM 5.00 including white rice. A very reasonable price for some very good food. The stall does not open on sunday and only serves for late breakfast and lunch hours.

猪肚汤 pork tripe soup at USJ map
pretty easy to go to this place even if you’re not very familiar with USJ

Jalan USJ 17/1,
Subang Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.033705, 101.578892

I was informed of 6 to 10 grill & nasi lemak by one of my housemates who read it on the Chinese daily Sin Chew Jit Poh. Since the restaurant is conviniently located at Petaling Jaya and we haven’t had “western food” for a while, I figured, why not? Surely Sin Chew didn’t review this place just because they want to save on transportation claims by the reporter.

Update 2019: This place has since moved to Sunway Mas Commercial Center

6 to 10 grill and nasi lemak at Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya
typical decent kopitiam set up

6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak has quite a selection of western food items on the menu, and of course, the nasi lemak. I ordered their claim of fame, the red wine lamb special, and the other noobs had grilled salmon and chicken chop. We didn’t bother to try the nasi lemak, I’ve read it was nothing special anyway.

6 to 10 grill and nasi lemak at Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya
mouth watering western food, look at the lamb, yum

The red wine lamb certainly took quite a while for them to serve, but when it came, it was a generous portion with 4 pieces of decent size lamb shoulder marinated to perfection. On it’s own they tasted pretty good, but to get the best taste, you will have to add the mint sauce that came with it. The tender texture with the hint of red wine, mixed with the lamb’s original taste and the extra dimension the mint sauce brought in, YUM!

I stole a taste of the grilled salmon, it was really good. The sauce was rich but not too overpowering, and the filet wasn’t overly grilled either. The chicken chop with black pepper sauce was pretty decent as well. But as chicken chop goes, there isn’t alot of things you can do to make it better.

6 to 10 grill and nasi lemak at Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya
the mint sauce does the trick, only bones left

The garnish and sides that came with the dishes weren’t exactly spectacular, only the usual “salad”, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and fries. Next time I’m there, I’m gonna order the mixed grill, the pictures hanging on the wall looks great, with at least 3-4 types of meat and shrimps.. *drools*

6 to 10 grill and nasi lemak at Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya map
a rather hidden place, but thanks to this map, you’ll know how to get there

6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak opens for lunch and dinner, not exactly just 6pm to 10pm. They are closed every Monday and Tuesday (yah, only 5-day work week for these folks)

6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak
BG-1, Block B,
Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13, PJ

GPS: 3.123268, 101.634489
Tel: 03 7955 4993

masak masak wrote about it, so did dDoinkster.

One Noodle is one of the newest restaurants that sprung up at the dieters’ nightmare area that is the SS2 square. As the name suggest, their claim of fame is the noodle (ramen). Seeing that the place was always packed, I figured I would give it a try…. then I ended up going there thrice in the last few weeks.

note: this place has closed down

SS2 One Noodle 全一拉面
nice environment, and great ramen

The menu at One Noodle is rather extensive, there are more than 2 dozen ramen to choose from, over a dozen stir-fry items, bbq and roasted items, soup, snacks and so forth; and that is just the dinner menu, they serve dimsum for breakfast too. But since the name of the restaurant is One Noodle, I figured I’ll have the ramen.

The interior of the restaurant is nicely but not overly done. There are glass windows seperating the kitchen from dining area so you can spy on their cleanness in food preperation, nice.

SS2 One Noodle 全一拉面
wide variety of ramen to choose from

Ramen picture clockwise starting top left: One noodle, with duck meat, hot and sour, seafood.

The noodle itself was very good, soft and tender in texture while not being too thick. Their clear broth was not over powering either. Portion was pretty generous and theyd idn’t skimp on the ingredients, just look at the saefood ramen, plenty of big prawns, lala, scallops, and squid. The hot and sour ramen was not bad either, this is probably one of the very few places that serves hot and sour soup in this part of the world. If you haven’t try it, you should, hot and sour soup is one of the most popular Chinese soup in Chinese restaurants all over the States.

SS2 One Noodle 全一拉面
non-noodle dishes too

Other than ramen, I’ve tried some of their appetizers and side dishes too. The stir-fry shrimp and scallop was of very good value, priced at only RM 12. Other items such as the siu-long-pao were pretty tasty as well. Another thing I love about this place is the chili paste they serve with the ramen, though not very spicy, it has a very good aroma and taste to it.

As for price, One Noodle offers very good value. Ramen are priced from around RM 8 for the basic to RM 13+ for the seafood variety. Other items aren’t expensive either. For a restaurant that is air-conditioned and offers rather good food, this is very reasonable indeed.

SS2 One Noodle 全一拉面 map
Here is the awesome map of SS2

The One Noodle
No. 66 & 68, Jalan SS2/67
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.120322, 101.621604
Tel: 03-7877-8499

The restaurant emperor noodle 皇帝麵 (HDK is the pinyin Hwang Di Mien) is fairly new in the competitive food district that is PJ’s SS2. It sits directly opposite of the famous wai sek kai food court. After checking the menu and determined that they offer good value, we went in despite its relative emptiness.

NOTE: This place has already closed down

Restaurant HDK (emperor noodle) at SS2 - 皇帝麵
nice menu with photos of the dishes

Emperor noodle is basically a type of egg noodle, quite similar to the basic wanton noodle you can get at anywhere, but finer. I’ve had it at Dragon-i One Utama, as well as SS2 pasar malam boxed noodle. I like the texture, and being as fine as angel hair spaghetti, it tends to soak up the sauce very well and give a stronger flavour.

Restaurant HDK (emperor noodle) at SS2 - 皇帝麵
clockwise – dumpling, shrimp, wanton & roasted pork, chicken

The restaurant offers around a dozen types of dishes, priced at RM 3.80 (basic like char siew with wanton, fishball), RM 5.80 (roasted chicken, tiger prawn, dumpling), and RM 9.80 (seafood, king prawn). Pretty reasonable price for a clean restaurant with nice deco and properly air conditioned. I guess as most restaurants do, they make more on the drinks (fresh juices at RM 3.00).

Restaurant HDK (emperor noodle) at SS2 - 皇帝麵
which is pepper and which is soya sauce?

We ordered a few dishes. The basic char siew and wantan was pretty good, though the serving on the char siew was very small. The dumpling was very good, packed with pork, shrimp, and other stuff you typically find in a Chinese dumpling. The tiger prawn emporer noodle offers the best value, at less than RM 6, you get two pretty big size prawn, to go with the noodle and some other garnish.

The roasted chicken, however, was average and even a little too dry for my liking. Overall this place offers good value and pretty decent food, will go there again.

map to SS2 Restaurant HDK (emperor noodle) - 皇帝麵
another excellent map by KY

SS2 branch:
No. 26, ss2/61, 47300 PJ, Selangor
GPS: 3.117730, 101.621164
Tel: 7877 9226

Manjalara branch:
No. 41, Jalan 1/62D, Jalan Medan Putra 1,
Medan Putra Business Center, Off Jln Damansara
Manjarala 52100 KL
tel: 6275 5181

Penang branch:
No. 9, Tingkat Mawar,
Taman Mawar, Jln Raja Uda
12300 Butterworth, Penang

Opens 11am to 10pm daily