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As someone who’s born and bred in Penang, we obviously love our hawker dishes, and hence it is always a mission for many of us Penangites to find the local taste right here in KL whenever we can.

New Apollos kopitiam at USJ 4
New Apollos kopitiam at USJ 4

Now when most think about hawker foods in Penang, curry mee, prawn mee, laksa, and char kuih teow is often high on the list, and if you mention kuih teow th’ng (or kuih teow soup), many don’t even realize how difficult it is to find a place that offers the dish here in KL. Hence when I accidentally ended up at Restaurant New Apollos in USJ 4 and saw this stall, I knew it was something I had to order.

proper Penang style kuih teow th'ng
proper Penang style kuih teow th’ng

The operator (not the one in the picture, she was just the helper) speaks Penang Hokkien, which passed the first litmus test whenever I order Penang food.

When the bowl of kuih teow soup arrived, I was already pretty happy. The dish looked the part, with three fishballs, shredded steamed chicken, a few slices of fish cakes, vegetable, fried garlic, and a few bits of lard.

I was well satisfied with the kuih teow soup
I was well satisfied with the kuih teow soup

As for the taste, this RM 5 bowl of goodness hits all the right spots. It might lack strips of duck blood, but the fish balls and fish cakes had the right texture and tasted rather good. Portion was not overly big like other KL hawker dishes, and the shredded chicken cooked just right as well.

In fact, I liked it so much I rode all the way from Damansara Perdana to USJ 4 just for this yesterday. This kuih teow soup is now on the top of my list so far as Klang Valley is concerned.

map to New Apollos kopitiam, USJ 4

Restaurant New Apollos
2, Jln USJ4/6B
Subang Jaya
GPS: 3.051770, 101.576209
Hours: Lunch and Breakfast, Closed on Tuesdays

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant is probably no stranger to most who loves Korean food. My first visit to this chain was the USJ Taipan main branch at least 4-5 years ago. I went  there again last week when the worms in my gut was starving for some Galbi.

Daorae Korean BBQ Garden at USJ Taipan
Daorae Korean BBQ Garden at USJ Taipan

I’m not quite sure if this is the very first branch of Daorae, they have branches now at Hartamas, Penang Bayan Point, Kota Damansara, Kepong, Puchong Bandar Puteri, and another new one in PJ (the NZX branch has since closed). When we were there, there was an friendly old Korean guy who looked very much like the owner, and he explained that “Daorae” means many people, which translate to good business.

I must say they chose the right name. Daorae for Korean food is much like the Superdining chains for Japanese food (Rakuzen, Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai, Kura)

banchan - kimchi and more!
banchan – kimchi, salad, chives, cockles and more!

The one thing I always love about korean food is all the banchan (small dishes). Other than the standard kimchi,  you almost always get something different on each visit. On this trip there were cockles, steamed egg in hot pot, salad, chives, fish cake, and more. I think we had some 10 different varieties. You can usually ask for refill too.

galbi (marinated beef), 3 layer pork
galbi (marinated beef), 3 layer pork

For the two of us, I ordered a portion of galbi (marinated beef short ribs) and 3 layer pork for the grill.

As usual, the expertly trained servers did the whole grilling right in front of us. Galbi’s best served with the ssamjang sauce (fermented bean paste & pepper) and wrapped in fresh lettuce. I like to add a piece of grilled garlic too.

The samgyeopsal (three layer pork) was lovely too. Grilled and usually goes either with the same ssamjang or gireumjang sauce (sesame oil and salt). Nothing like some pork to fill the stomach.

kimchi jiggae, Haze
kimchi jiggae, Haze

Other than the two grilled meat and those free banchan, I also ordered a portion of kimchi jiggae – a stew with kimchi, tofu, pork, scallion, onion and such. This is typically served with a bowl of fragrant Korean rice, which I like.

It was as usual, a satisfying meal at Daorae, though one that isn’t exactly economical (RM 140) for the two of us, otherwise I’d do it more often. Galllbiiiiiiiii

map to Daorae Korean Restaurant at USJ Taipan

Daorae Korean BBQ Restuarant
No.8C, Top Speed Business Center,
Jalan USJ 10/1J,
47620 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.048045, 101.585987
Tel: 03-8024-2616

Time to take a little break from writing about Bangkok and lets talk about something closer to home for a bit. After all, this site has the reputation of being a food blog of sort, no?

Well, this dining expedition happened late last year when Kerol decided to lead myself and Horng to this little hideout that is F4 Fish Head at the relatively unfashionable part of USJ, within the light industrial area at the back of Summit mall, otherwise known as the traffic death zone during rush hour.

F4 Fish Head at Subang USJ
F4 Fish head, next to USJ badminton hall

The restaurant occupies a small industrial lot, which is rather big by kopitiam standard. By the time we got there at around 6:30, it was already 80% full despite located in a rather hidden area.

We sat down and ordered a steamed fish head with ginger and onion, a plate of potato leaves with balacan, and a clay pot port belly with salted fish.

F4 Fish Head at Subang USJ
fish head with ginger & garlic, potato leaves, pork belly with salted fish

Food did take a while to arrive but it wasn’t unacceptably long.

The steamed fish head with ginger and garlic(not exactly sure the type of fish used) was very delightful. Now fish heads are usually prepared with curry, but if you have good quality and fresh fish heads, steaming would be a preferred method. The fish was soft, and as it was almost 1/3 of the fish instead of just the head, there were plenty to chew from.

The clay pot pork belly with salted fish too was a very commendable dish. Saturated with the goodness of 3-layered pork that is skin/fat/meat and salted fish in dark soya sauce and dried chili. It was a good contrast to the fairer taste of the steamed fish head.

F4 Fish Head at Subang USJ
KY, Kerol, and Horng

As for the potato leaves with balacan, well, it was decent but nothing particularly outstanding. A good accompanying dish to counter the meat and fish. But I do feel that perhaps a steamed soup might serve us better.

map to F4 Fish Head at Subang USJ
F4 Fish Head is hidden within Subang Jaya Industries Park

Total meal came to something like RM 60, very economical for what we ordered. I need to go back there again to try out other types of fish head dishes they have. They’re open for lunch as well as dinner.

F4 Fish Head
Lot 776, Sub lot 3,
Jalan Subang 4,
Subang Jaya Industries Park,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.04651, 101.59724
Tel: 012-325 9111

Other reviews:

When I was working at Leisure Commerce Square, we used to travel quite a bit for a good lunch. We’ve been to the siew yoke (bbq pork) place at Aman Suria, pork tripe soup at USJ, and even banana leaf rice at Raju at PJ State. Just before I left the company, we decided to venture into the parking hell that is USJ Taipan and give Meaty House a try.

Meaty House at USJ Taipan
Meaty house is located just a couple of shops from Starbucks

Meaty house is located just a couple of shops from Starbucks, facing the multilayer parking lots that you should use lest boiling your blood away looking for a street spot (that you have to pay anyway.) The interior of the restaurant is a little dated and not very well lit either. The seats and tables were a bit old, but we were there with only one objective, and romance wasn’t it.

Meaty House at USJ Taipan
pork belly, pork knuckle, ribs & sausages

The server was very friendly and recommended us the three dishes we ordered for the day. Pork belly, pork knuckle, and a ribs & sausages dish. We also had 3 glasses of home-brewed barley drinks to go with it.

Food didn’t take long to arrive as it wasn’t busy during the weekday lunch time we were there. All three dishes were actually very good, and I particularly love the German pork knuckle, very crunchy on the outside and yet flavorful and fatty without being too oily inside. The home-made honey mustard sauce was perfect for both the sausages and the pork knuckle.

Pork belly was good too, although I could probably use a slightly fattier cut (I’m one of those pork lard people). The ribs too were equally good, with the hint of char siu (roasted pork) taste to it. The side dishes of coleslaw and some unidentified vegetables though, were nothing to shout about.

Meaty House at USJ Taipan

Each dishes cost less than RM 30. Ribs & sausages RM 26.80, pork belly RM 23.80, pork knuckle RM 29.80. Overall I would say that this place offers very good value for what you get. A slightly higher class place would be EURO DELI at Damansara Kim or Jarrod & Rawlins at Hartamas, and if you really want it splurge a bit, there’s always Bermuda & Onions at Cangkat Bukit Bintang, and Bruno’s at Jaya 33. If you love pork, either one of these places would be pretty satisfying.

Meaty House at USJ Taipan
Meaty house is located in USJ Taipan Triangle

37, Jalan USJ 10/1D,
Taipan Triangle, Subang Jaya

GPS: 3.049244, 101.584289
Tel: 03-5633 5634

Before stepping into La Cocina, I had never tasted genuine Spanish food other than a few tapas (that weren’t very good) during a wine session somewhere in Bangsar, hence I was delighted when the owner, Mr. Jeganathan invited me for dinner at his restaurant in USJ. After all, I am always a keen experimenter in food and never shun away from tasting new cuisine.

La Cocina, authentic spanish food at Subang Jaya USJ
paella negres – seafood in Spanish rice cooked with squid ink

After giving us a brief tour of the 2-storey restaurant (wine club and cellar upstairs, dining on ground level), we were served a host of tapas as appetizers and a glass of sangria that was very fresh and undiluted. The main dish was the very interesting paella negres (seafood with Spanish rice in squid ink), and we rounded off the night with a couple desserts.

Throughout the night, Mr Jega played a very warm and inviting host, never lack in enthusiasm explaining each dishes as they are served as well as telling us his passion for Spanish food.

La Cocina, authentic spanish food at Subang Jaya USJ
wonderful host, manager, and owner – Mr. Jeganathan


  • calamares a la romana – squid with home made garlic mayonnaise. I just can’t get enough of the myannaise mayonnaise, and the squid fried perfectly too.
  • gambas al pil pil – garlic shrimps, pan fried with fresh garlic, olive oil & dried chili.
  • champignones al ajillo – button mushroom, fresh button mushroom with garlic, onion, herbs & olive oil. This goes really well with the bread.
  • tigres- mussel and shrimp croquette, breaded and deep fried, with garlic mayonnaise. The mussel and shrimp is mashed up and served on the shell, perfect for those who does not like the texture of shell fish.
  • we also had meat balls and some very nice bread to go with all these.

La Cocina, authentic spanish food at Subang Jaya USJ
five different tapas – squid, mussel, mushroom, meatball, shrimp

The main dish, paella negres, is a mixture of large prawns, shrimps, razor clams, fish fillet, squid, clams, and vegetables with Spanish rice in squid ink. I would have been hesitant looking at the completely black rice, but after tasting some of the best appetizers I have no doubt that the main dish wouldn’t disappoint. Furthermore, the TV show Iron Chef has had squid ink dishes as well. The ink actually provides a very subtle seafood taste, and with all the fresh seafood ingredients, it proved to be a delight to any seafood lover. You just had to try this at least once.

La Cocina, authentic spanish food at Subang Jaya USJ
sangria and desserts

By dessert time, I was already pretty full. The crema catalana, spanish custard with caramelized sugar on top was very refreshing, while the tarta de santiago, almond tart with vanilla custard can be a little rich especially with a full stomach. It was a very good meal overall, and there is no doubt I will be there again.

Map to La Cocina in USJ Taipan

Price wise, La Cocina is very reasonable, the tapas averages about RM7-10, the Spanish rice dish is RM58, but you can feed 2-3 person. Dessert is another RM 7 or so. The restaurant also offers set meals for 2 that are priced below RM 100. There are also more familiar dishes available, such as steak, lamb shank, pastas, and even fish and chips.

38 USJ9/5P,
Subang Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.046711, 101.587143
Tel: 03-8023 2395