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Say No To Porn
Telekom Malaysia’s posters at NKVE toll booth

Telekom Malaysia has been running it’s Say no to Porn campaign for a long time, preaching that porns not only hurt your wallet, but your moral too.. Banners and adverts has been put on various places, such as the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) toll collection areas, but does it work?

Say No To Porn
a potential customer?

It seems like Uncle Ho’s DVD operation is back in it’s dirty business, selling porn out in the open. Here are a couple spy shots taken during one covet and dangerous mission carried out by yours truely. I’m telling you, they are trying to our minds and laugh all the way to the bank with it. Whoever buys porn DVDs are just dumb.

Say No To Porn
a closer look

Afterall, you should get all your porn from the internet for free! As the song goes.. The internet is for porn. Why pay when there’s bit torrent and password sites and all that good stuff you can lay your hands on. Don’t tell me you have your 1mb streamyx account just cos you want to surf blogs in high speed, bleh.

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