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So I was at Cheras fixing my car and decided to call up Kim the cun up for lunch. After seeing that her favorite restaurant was not opened for business, we decided to venture into this Yang Mooi restuarant for the beef noodle. Apperantly it was also the first time the narcissist dine here.

Beef Noodle at Pandan Indah, Cheras

We ordered dried mixed beef noodle for lunch. The noodle came with some vege and ground beef on top and some dark souce at the bottom, it was finer than the usual noodle you get from wantan mee, which was very nice as they tend to soak up more sauce due to the smaller diameter.

The soup is served seperately with 2 beef balls, tripes, meat, and tendon. The beef balls were very good. Tripes and tendon were well cooked and awesome. The meat was commendable too. The soup might come to some as slightly salty, but goes pretty well with the noodle. To top it all, the chilli sauce was done just right, spicey but with the fresh chilli aroma.

Beef Noodle at Pandan Indah, Cheras

I am not capable to draw up a map of Cheras. This particular shop is just directly opposite the Pandan Indah police station, and is nearby the famous dating place, the “mini Genting”. If you want directions, go ask Kim.

5 G, Jalan Perubatan 4,
Pandan Indah
3.127811, 101.751042
Tel: 012 671 1887