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A couple weeks ago I was invited to participate in a little promotional shooting for Oriental Daily with Ernest Chong (张顺源) on NTV7 Foodie Blogger (愛食客) TV program. The TV show was actually shot earlier and yours truly was featured in the Klang Valley segment which will be aired in a few weeks time on NTV7 Thursday night 10 pm.

Anyway, that explained why I ended up in Connaught Pasar Malam, a place I don’t often go, but glad that I did cos we got to try this pretty awesome smelly tofu (臭豆腐)!

smelly tofu truck at Taman Connaught Pasar Malam
smelly tofu truck at Taman Connaught Pasar Malam

The smelly tofu truck is usually parked at the end of the long stretch of pasar malam at Taman Connaught closest to McDonald’s, or more specifically, on Jalan Pantas. This is rather convenient since you don’t need to navigate through 5,000 people just to get to it.

we got our hands on preparing the smelly tofu too
we got our hands on preparing the smelly tofu too

The process of making smelly tofu starts with fermentation using tofu, fresh amaranth vegetable(苋菜)and brine (卤水) . The fermented tofu is then cut and deep fried with vegetable oil. If you prefer to have it with more pungent taste, you can request the tofu to be fried as a whole.

smelly tofu with chili sauce and "sauerkraut"
smelly tofu with chili sauce and “sauerkraut”

The smelly tofu is priced at RM 3.30 for four pieces and served with a sort of home made sauerkraut (but fresher) and chilli sauce on top. The flavor isn’t overly intense and I find myself really enjoying it!

The last I had stinky tofu was actually in Hong Kong, and I like this version more. If you happen to be at Taman Connaught Pasar Malam, check it out!

map to Taman Connaught Pasar Malam

Chou Wei Xiang Tou stall is located at Connaught only on Wednesdays, their other location is as follow:

  • Monday – Serdang pasar malam
  • Wednesday – Connaught pasar malam
  • Friday – Leisure Mall (Taman Segar), The USJ 19 City Mall
  • Saturday – Setia Alam, The USJ 19 City Mall, Taman Midah near Shell
  • Sunday – Taman Muda, The USJ 19 City Mall

Chou Wei Xiang Tou
Taman Connaught Pasar Malam
Connaught Highway & Jalan Pantas
Cheras, Selangor
GPS: 3.081564, 101.734068
Tel: 012-359 2895 (Mr. Koh Lian Ying)
Hours: Every Wednesday Evening

A few weekends ago a few of us were invited to the recently refurbished Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant at Palace of Golden Horses for a food review session. The restaurant seats 120 pax with 5 private rooms.

Decoration oozes the concept of elegance and strength, with poise and beauty that is fitting of their symbol and name of the restaurant, Kim Ma translates to Golden Horse in Mandarin.

Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant, with Chef Roy Wong
Kim Ma Chinese Restaurant, with Chef Roy Wong

The restaurant is led by Chef Roy Wong, the chef de cuisine who does not shun off from experimenting traditional Chinese cuisine with contemporary twist. Chef Roy started his career in 1991 at Frankfriut’s Dynasty China Restaurant at Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel, and has won multiple awards in the past 23 years or so.

amuse bouche, Chinese style, egg and baked oyster
amuse bouche, Chinese style, egg and baked oyster

We started the session with a couple “amuse-bouche” in the form of slow boiled egg and baked oyster. The egg was topped with a shimeji mushroom and a dash of truffle flavour, I love it.

The baked fresh oyster topped with mayonnaise and other ingredients,  a rich and fresh treat.

signature dimsum, including steamed prawn dumplings with trufflesignature dimsum, including steamed prawn dumplings with truffle

We then proceeded to try their dimsum

The two Signature dimsum were prawn meat and black mushroom topped with trufflesteamed chicken roll with morel mushrooms.

The prawn dimsum garnished with shrimp roe and spring onion, I really liked the extra character provided by the truffle. Classy and delicious. The combination of fried yam stick and beancurd with chicken also proved to be a good formula, it was good enough I didn’t miss the lack of pork in this particular dimsum.

The third dimsum we had was from their Healthy dimsum section – steamed angled luffa dumplings with superior broth. The texture of this dimsum was quite unique, and reminded me of fish maw to be honest, quite delicious.

deep fried abalone with grouper fish paste
deep fried abalone with grouper fish paste

Next up was a pretty fancy dish created by Chef Roy for the first time, deep fried abalone with grouper fish paste, caviar and served with homemade beancurd.

While visually I thought it looked like those fried ice cream, the taste couldn’t have been more different. The combination of grouper fish paste with braised abalone was superb, and I also really liked the home-made beancurd that was super soft. The caviar on top gave it that extra oomph as well.

However, the sauce used in this dish turned out to be too strong. It was fitting for the tofu, but overpowering the fish paste and abalone. Chef took our comments and promised that he will revise the dish.

more dimsum, village chicken broth with fish maw
more dimsum, village chicken broth with fish maw

No Chinese course meal is complete without soup, so for this purpose we were served the village chicken broth with fish maw. The broth is thick and has a slight creamy taste to it that can only achieve from steaming the whole chicken for hours.

The scallop and prawn dumpling in the soup was not bad either, but what I really love was that piece of high quality fish maw, with the consistency of foie gras, tofu, and beef tendon all mixed together. I can have this everyday.

congee with cod fish and century egg
congee with cod fish and century egg

Congee with cod fish and century egg is your usual dimsum style porridge, but this time with the higher quality cod fish instead of the usual unidentifiable “white fish fillet”.

Chinese style ravioli
Chinese style ravioli

Chef Wong then served us this perfectly East-meets-West dish – a Chinese style ravioli stuffed with minced chicken and topped with deep fried vege treated with charcoal powder. It was quite an interesting twist but ultimately I think a type of meat with more fat (ie: pork) would make this dish better.

double boiled whole coconut with almond and snow jelly
double boiled whole coconut with almond and snow jelly

Our dessert was double boiled whole coconut with almond and snow jelly.

The chef combined three types of almond to create this dish – the “bei” (North) almond, “nan” (South) almond, and American almond. With the aroma of coconut and the sweetness of almond, this hot dessert proved to be a perfect ending to our meal.

A note for potential Muslim diners, this dessert comes with snow jelly, or hasma, which is a product from frog.

mentalist Zlwin Chew. performing every Thursday to Sunday
mentalist Zlwin Chew. performing every Thursday to Sunday

On every Thursday to Sunday, renowned mentalist Zlwin Chew performs at the Kim Ma and other restaurants at Palace of Golden Horses. I won’t spoil it for you, but the guy’s got quite an impressive array of tricks.

map to Palace of Golden Horses

mentalist Zlwin Chew. performing thurs-sun

Jalan Kuda Emas,
Mines Wellness City,
43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel: 03-8943 2666
Hours: weekdays 12-2:30pm, 6:30-10:30pm (reservation only). Weekends 10am-4pm

I don’t often venture out to Jinjang, in fact, Jinjang is sort of a place we always joked about as a “kampung” within KL. Whenever we see a particularly  badly dressed young female, we’d say that she must be from Jinjang.

But like many older part of the Klang Valley settlements, Jinjang, and the whole Kpong area, spots some pretty good old school eateries, and Restoran Seafood Ho Kee is one of them.

Restoran Seafood Ho Kee, Jinjang
Restoran Seafood Ho Kee, Jinjang

We were brought here by Haze’s aunt, a lady who is well versed with good old fashion Chinese food around the city, often with very reasonable pricing too. She was also the one who introduced us the equally good Zhen Liew Siang restaurant at Sentul.

Ho Kee is located at a row of shop lot on Jalan 1/32 at Jinjang, which is just off Jalan Kepong. The restaurant has a pretty simple set up, with plastic chairs, wooden tables, and plastic liners. Surprisingly, it is also air conditioned and smoke free.

sambal fish, kolo yok (pork)
sambal fish, kulou yok (pork)

One of the speciality dishes here is their sambal fish, with tilapia coated in generous amount of sambal all wrapped up in aluminium foil. The whole concoction is then lit up with a bit of alcohol when serving, probably a bit gimmicky and unnecessary. That doesn’t matter tho, cos the fish was very delicious with the potent sambal, and goes superbly with steamed rice.

The kulou yok (sweet and sour pork) here is definitely one of the bests I’ve had anywhere, we ended up ordering an extra serving. Crispy yet juicy pork with those savoury tomato sauce, yummy!

steamed ginger chicken, seafood tofu, pork belly with salted fish
steamed ginger chicken, Japanese tofu with egg, pork belly with salted fish

Another dish on my must-order list would be their steamed kampung chicken with ginger. This version is as good as the one we had at Bukit Tinggi’s Loong Sing restaurant, the minced ginger will surely open up your sinus, in a good way.

Pork belly with salted fish is worthy worthy dish, but one that is perhaps not the best I had, for a better version, try Lucky Loke at PJ SS3.

The Japanese tofu with egg provided a welcoming change in taste, a more moderate note to balance out the stronger tasting dishes.

fried cuttle fish with dried red chilli
fried cuttle fish with dried red chilli

Ho Kee also offers one of the rarer dishes out there – fried cuttle fish with dried chili (in Cantonese “si jiu chau yau”, also means getting fired from work). The cuttle fish perfectly cooked, fresh tasting and crunchy while not being rubbery, the flavour of dried chilli and ginger permeated in the seafood, making a uber delicious choice.

If you want a good old fashion Chinese cuisine and don’t mind a bit of a wait (It was some 45 minutes for us), give Ho Kee a try. The owner/operator/chef cooks every dish, ensuring quality though sacrificing time. Pricing is rather reasonable as well, I believe it was less than RM 20 per pax.

map to Ho Kee seafood restaurant at Jingjang

Hoi Kee Seafood Restaurant
Jalan 1/32, Taman Jinjang Baru,
Jinjang, 52000, Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.20814, 101.65765

If you find yourself near Bukit Tinggi, perhaps for a little vacation up at the hill admiring those faux French architectures, or like us, after a pretty awesome trip the the Perting Fall waterfall excursion, one of the places you should stop by for a well deserved stomach refuel session would be Restoran Makanan Laut Loong Sing.

Loong Sing at Bukit Tinggi
Loong Sing at Bukit Tinggi

To be honest, this place is should adopt the name makanan hutan (jungle food) or makanan sungai (river food) instead of makanan laut (seafood), seeing that it is some 100km away from the ocean.

Indeed, for those with a bigger wallet, they offer “soon hock” (RM 11/100g), river patin (RM 6/100g), sultan fish (RM 38/100g) and so forth. The only actual seafood on the menu that is from the ocean would be prawns.

seafood tofu, wild boar, vegetable
seafood tofu, wild boar, vegetable

We didn’t order those tho, but we had one of their signature dishes – clay pot wild boar. Wild boar has a rather gamey taste to it but with generous amount of ginger and green onion, it actually tasted pretty awesome, it’s like almost a mix of normal pork and deer meat.

Seafood tofu came with bits of mushroom, imitation crab, sea cucumber, and squid. This is a dish I can have on my own as a full meal by itself, rather tasty!

kampung chicken with ginger
kampung chicken with ginger

Another must-order here is the steamed kampung chicken with ginger. Execution is flawless with the minced ginger covering every piece of chicken that’s cut into convenient bite size. If you have a blocked nose, this would clear it up nicely.

Oh, we also had vegetable, but I guess that isn’t something overly interesting.

Meal came to be about RM 14 per pax, pretty cheap and very satisfying. Definitely a place worth revisiting.

map to Loong Sing at bukit tinggi

Restoran Makanan Laut Loong Sing
97, Bukit Tinggi,
Bentong, Pahang
GPS: 3.350188, 101.821627

Being a fella from Penang, the name Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant isn’t foreign to me. The bright red signboard with a huge green lobster is a sight quite familiar to, having seen it at Gurney Drive on numerous occasions. It is also a bit of a go-to seafood restaurant for some of my extended family members.

Well, the good news is, Bali Hai is now in Klang Valley, and we went to sample their set dinner menu.

Bali Hai, now in Kota Damansara too
Bali Hai, now in Kota Damansara too

Bali  Hai is located at Sun Suria Avenue at Kota Damansara, a stone’s throw away from Sunway Giza Mall. There is ample parking right in front of the restaurant, and we only had to pay RM 1 per entrance during our visit. It was well worth it.

Most of the tables are situated at the center area at the huge semi-alfresco dining area, but there are also some air conditioned rooms for private parties. We were seated in one such room for the session, the room comes complete with a TV & karaoke system too.

The restaurant has an impressive wall of tanks housing a huge variety of live seafood for your picking. Boster lobster from US, rainbow lobster from Indonesia, geoduck from Canada, Alaskan king crab, oyster, tiger prawns, “soon hock”, giant grouper, and even exotics such as empurau fish. You can pick your spoil, aided by clearly written prices of each spices on the side of the tank so there’d be no surprises.

I must say that Bali Hai really do live up to their tag line of “If it swims we have it”.

Canadian geoduck and lobster sashimi and steamboat
Canadian geoduck and lobster sashimi and steamboat

On this session, we were treated to their RM 1388 set menu which comes with 9 dishes (including dessert) for 10 pax.

Our first dish was the Steamboat Canadian Geoduck and Lobster, which were actually served raw on crushed ice with a clay pot of superior soup , tofu, string mushroom, and vegetable.

I’m a big fan of sashimi and was glad that a side of wasabi and soya sauce was provided. The fresh rainbow lobster we had was fantastic, if you haven’t had lobsters before, having them raw is a great way to really taste the sweetness of lobster, distinctly different from that of crab or prawns. I’ve had the same style of geoduck from Pantai Seafood in PJ before, and the version is equally good.

Bali Hai Siam mini lobster in claypot
Bali Hai Siam mini lobster in claypot

After the great introductory dish, we had the Bali Hai Siam mini lobster (crayfish) in claypot. This dish has a kick, spicy and full of flavor, a welcoming change to heighten your palate after the more subtle lobster & geoduck dish. It’d go great with some steamed rice too I think. The curry has a tone of sourness to it which I really enjoyed.

deep fried thai style mackarel
deep fried thai style mackerel

Next up was the deep fried Thai style mackerel. A fish that is pretty common. The execution was good, with really crispy skin but soft, and not overcooked meat that only a high temperature fryer could achieve. The Thai style sauce in this dish is spicy and sweet, another change from the previous sourish taste.

dried shrimp with cili padi clam, beancurd with minced chicken, emperor vege
dried shrimp with cili padi clam, beancurd with minced chicken, emperor vege

Dried shrimp with cili padi clam is as advertised, a lot of small pieces of cili padi and tiny fragrant dried shrimps in it. I felt that the clams were perhaps slightly overcooked. That or because I’m half way in my invisalign treatment resulting in uneven bite at the moment, chewing was a bit difficult.

We also had some of the softest and tastiest beancurd in the beancurd with minced chicken dish. While traditionally paired with minced pork, this pork free version actually impressed us.

Emperor vegetable with deep fried lotus root and mushroom was our green of the day, and it never disappoint, which is why emperor vegetable is among the more expensive vegetable you can get from the market.

steamed salted kampung chicken, Japanese style seafood fried rice
steamed salted kampung chicken, Japanese style seafood fried rice

The lone meat dish in the set was the steamed salted kampung chicken with herbs. I love the fragrant broth, and the chicken was well flavored too. Anyone who likes kampung chicken would love this dish. As for me, I’m not a fan of kampung chicken so it was pretty neutral for me.

Our stomach stuffer at the end was the pretty unique Japanese style seafood fried rice. The blackish color you see in the fried rice is actually tiny pieces of dried seaweed. Add in tiny chunks of seafood & egg resulting in a cacophony of taste that I’ve never experienced before, it was pretty good.

The last dish on the RM 1388 set was a plate of mixed fruits, which was your typical blend of papaya, watermelon and so forth.

KY & Haze, Josen & Mei, sweet and sour lobster (not part of the set)
KY & Haze, Josen & Mei, sweet and sour lobster noodle (not part of the set)

Since it was also during their lobster promotion period, we got to sample another sweet and sour lobster noodle dish, which came with rainbow lobster drenched in sauce on top of yummy yee mee. I wish I can have this for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner actually. Was yummy!

If you’re looking for a proper seafood restaurant with plenty to choose from, Bali Hai should definitely be in your short list. From 13th Sep – 3rd Oct 2013, they also run the “buy one free ten” promotion. Buy a Boston/rainbow/Australian lobster and you get 10 free crayfish (mini lobster) for free.

bali hai kota damansara map